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Umbraco Marketplace: the rise of Umbraco integrations

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Written by Jesper Lyngbye

Making things simpler is one of our core values at Umbraco. And smart Umbraco integrations make life easier and simpler for both developers and web agencies. That’s why we’ve decided to place some more emphasis on Umbraco Packages - the more packages, the easier daily work becomes!  We, therefore, want to provide you with many more integrations for Umbraco. So, what’s next? What’s our plan to make this happen?

Soon on Umbraco Marketplace

Umbraco integrations make the possibilities of the CMS endless! It’s what we’ve often referred to as our “best-of-breed” strategy - the fact that Umbraco is a great CMS on its own, but if you want or need to take your project to higher levels, you can do so by integrating with packages. 

We want to showcase many more of these packages on - and, to make this possible, we’re working on relaunching the current Umbraco Apps page as ‘Umbraco Marketplace.’


Why we’re doing this

At Codegarden 2021, during the opening keynote we mentioned that we’re going to be providing what we call a Composable DXP (Digital Experience Platforms) which we further elaborated on in the Best of breed - DXP session. This means that we recognize the need to extend the possibilities of the Umbraco CMS in order to work seamlessly with other vital digital tasks, such as e-commerce, personalization, or others. Creating Umbraco Marketplace and shining the spotlight on Umbraco Packages (currently called ‘Apps’) is simply the natural next step.


What is Umbraco Marketplace

Umbraco Marketplace will be a centralized location on to discover Umbraco-compatible packages (apps/integrations/add-ons) that have been reviewed and curated for each individual category (CMS extensions, Recommendation & Personalization, ecommerce, PIM/DAM, Campaign Management, Analysis & Insights). We’re currently working on a great new design and useful features that we expect to roll out in the near future. We’ve already got a few fantastic packages on the page, such as: Uskinned , Languagewire, uMarketingSuite, and Storm Commerce. We just can’t wait to showcase many more packages that make your or your client’s daily work easier when working with Umbraco.

The Marketplace will not only be a fantastic portal where you can search and find relevant packages that you can connect to your Umbraco site but also a way to give both the packages as well as their creators the visibility they deserve. 

Now, you might be wondering what you can expect from Umbraco Marketplace, and perhaps, how it will differ from the current Apps page. As mentioned previously, we are currently working on a new design and new features, but also new categories and finding ways to promote the packages further. Everything is still under development, and we’ll make sure to spread the news when we’ve come further in this process. 


‘How can I get my package displayed on Umbraco Marketplace?’

So here’s how it works at the moment: To get your package (or ‘app’) displayed on the current page, you need to be a Technology Partner. This will continue to be a way to get displayed on Umbraco Marketplace in the future. However, this will not be the only way to get your fantastic package(s) displayed.

We are working on putting together the criteria, and we can share that we’re planning to showcase both popular, crafted packages built by our talented community, as well as commercial packages. For instance, popular packages like Vendr and uSync will not go unnoticed. We’ll make sure to keep you posted when we’ve got more to share on the possibilities of being listed on the Marketplace.


‘What about listing my package(s) on and the Backoffice? Will this change?’

There are currently no plans for alterations in showcasing packages on and the Backoffice. These packages make the daily work of so many Umbracians easier already - and we’re beyond grateful for all the great work that our community has put into them. So it makes sense to have a designated space to highlight the packages and make them shine! 


Packages are simply the best 💡

We love Umbraco Packages - and we know we’re not the only ones who do. With packages, Umbraco truly becomes the flexible CMS, so it makes great sense to shine some extra light on helpful Umbraco packages and dedicated Technology Partners. We hope that these next steps we take will give Umbraco Packages the visibility they deserve. 

Personally, I am really excited to be leading and executing the composable DXP strategy. Since the first day in this position, I’ve met loads of enthusiasm from stakeholders all around. I can promise that many great packages and benefits for everyone in the Umbraco community are coming shortly. Please reach out to me with any questions or ideas in regards to integrations.

We will communicate more about Umbraco Marketplace in the near future, so stay tuned and keep an eye on our blog. Exciting times ahead! 

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