Thursday, May 24, 2018

Umbraco MVP list 2018

MVPs 2018

2018 Umbraco MVPs:

Category: Core contributors

Owain Williams
Damiaan Peeters
Emma Garland


Dave Woestenborghs
Nathan Woulfe
Daniël Knippers

Category: Forum participation

Nik Rimington

Category: Community contributors

Emma Burstow
Marcin Zajkowski
Callum Whyte
Chriztian Steinmeier
Paul Seal
Peter Gregory
Bob baty-barr
Kevin Giszewski
Paul Sterling

2018 Umbraco MVPs Renewals

Category: Core contributors Original year

Andy Butland, 2016
Bjarne Fyrstenborg, 2016
Lars-Erik Aabech, 2016
Jeffrey Schoemaker, 2017
Jeavon Leopold, 2017
Anders Bjerner, 2017
Marc Goodson, 2017

Category: Packages

Kevin Jump, 2016
Lee Kelleher, 2016
Matt Brailsford, 2016

Category: Forum

Dan Booth, 2017
Alex Skrypnyk, 2017

Category: Community

Carole Rennie Logan, 2017
Erica Quessenberry, 2016
Janae Cram, 2016
Kyle Weems, 2016
Lotte Pitcher, 2016
Ravi Motha, 2016



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