Friday, May 4, 2018

umbraCoffee at Codegarden 2018

umbraCoffee at Codegarden 2018


Exciting stuff, right? 😀

Codegarden 2018 is indeed going to be amazing with tons of inspiring and interesting things happening.

The CG18 schedule is extremely close to being finished (a few exciting surprises yet to be revealed - stay tuned!) and with only 19 days (!!) to the big event (and only 18 days to the pre-party 😉) we hope you’re counting the days with excitement like us!

… if you’re already feeling the #FOMO - do something about it while there's still time!


Secure your tickets now and start planning your trip to the biggest Umbraco conference in the world!

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Codegarden 2018. First-timer’s manual.

Codegarden. Have you received an email about it recently? Noticed a funky tweet with mysterious abbreviated hashtags such as #CG18 and #h5yr? Have your fellow Umbracians buzzed about that marvelous Codegarden at the meetups? Not to toot our own horn here, but Codegarden is indeed pretty marvelous 😊 How else would you call 3 days full of quality sessions with the masterminds of Umbraco or overall tech community, hands-on nifty workshops and a glimpse (like a good, solid one) into the future of the friendliest CMS out there? This year Codegarden will kick in on May 23-25th (if we don’t count the notorious pre-party on 22nd) in Odense. Attending or considering to attend for the very FIRST time? This is for you.

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