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Umbraco's in-depth look at CMS trends for 2024

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Written by Kim Sneum Madsen

In the dynamic world of digital content, Content Management Systems (CMS) are always evolving to meet the needs of content creators and users alike. As we transition into 2024, Umbraco foresees a blend of new technological advancements and user-centric approaches reshaping CMS platforms. Ready for the adventure? Join us and some of our trusted partners as we explore the key insights behind the top five trends that promise to shape the CMS landscape in the coming year. 

Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Imagine CMS and AI joining forces, creating a fresh era of personalized digital experiences. AI-powered CMS platforms are becoming masters of content personalization, automating content creation, and fine-tuning content recommendations.

By delving into user behavior and engagement metrics, these intelligent systems customize content delivery to match individual preferences, thereby enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. It's like having a personal touch online! Plus, AI's predictive analytics unlock valuable insights into future user behavior, empowering proactive content strategies that keep everyone hooked. 

Don't just take our word for it; according to G2 stats, vendors are racing to deliver AI software, with AI experiencing an impressive 39% year-over-year surge in the software market - the fastest growth across all 26 high-level software markets on G2. This growth surpasses the second-fastest growing market, Design, by more than 2x. 

''At pTools, we see AI rapidly becoming a key part of Content Management and Content Delivery with the use of AI Assistant and content creation tools in the CMS back-end and Dialogue Automation Software Services becoming a persistent aspect of the end user front-end experience.''

Tom Skinner, Managing Director at

And the numbers back it up. G2's AI category insights reveal a surge in content creation tools like Synthetic Media (up by a staggering 222%), AI Writing Assistants (up by 177%), and Text to Speech (up by 66%). These tools are swiftly answering the call for efficient solutions in writing, image creation, and more. It's not just a trend; it's the next step in the digital landscape's evolution.


Sustainable Digital Experiences are a must:

"As we reap the benefits of connectivity thanks to the digital industry, it is our responsibility to acknowledge and correct the impact we have on our world before we compound the sustainability issue we already face as a global community."

Taylor Lopour, Director of Sales and Marketing at Blend Interactive

The digital industry uses huge amounts of power & water to keep our infrastructure up and running. In real terms, the impact of digital is equivalent to the entire airline industry, or the same amount of carbon as Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Mongolia combined.

In an evolving digital world, where it is expected that our emissions will increase, we need to take a stand collectively to make a difference in the digital products and services that we are creating. During 2023, we have seen how the industry and the end users are demanding higher standards in terms of sustainable experiences and positive impact. This is the new normal we'll see more of in the coming years.

“Being future-ready, especially when it comes to digital, should be high on the agenda for any business. But this has taken on new meaning as we tackle the climate crisis. Building and designing sustainably makes sense, and, most importantly, it’s what the lion’s share of your customers want.”

Andy Eva-Dale, Technical Director at Tangent

Enhanced Security and Privacy Features:

In a digital age fraught with data breaches and privacy infringements, robust security in CMS platforms is crucial. Standard features now include enhanced user authentication, robust encryption protocols, and strict compliance with global data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Strengthening security and privacy features goes beyond safeguarding sensitive data - it’s about establishing a trust foundation with users.

''Umbraco's strategic approach is steering towards seamless integration into expansive and intricate multi-system enterprise environments. This will pave the way to a more holistic approach of implementing enhanced security and privacy controls that will consider the platform within the wider context of the enterprise architecture.''

Gary Trimnell, Technical Director at Great State

Digging into G2's Security category insights reveals a growing urgency to detect and defend against threats. Security software is on the rise, and website security specifically has shot up by 34% year-over-year. It's a strong signal that safeguarding our digital space is becoming more crucial than ever.


ROI and Efficiency Focus: 

In the current economic landscape, businesses are more vigilant about their investments, seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions. CMS platforms are being evaluated not just on their features but also on their ability to deliver tangible ROI. Companies are closely monitoring the cost-effectiveness of their CMS choices, emphasizing the importance of selecting platforms that offer the best value for their investment. This trend highlights the importance of CMS solutions that are both functional and budget-fitting.

"We’re seeing that companies are carefully evaluating the time-to-value and associated costs of their licensing fees to ensure they’re getting the most out of their investments. With smaller budgets and teams, there's a growing demand for user-friendly CMS platforms that streamline content management and support their increasingly vital digital marketing efforts."

Karla Santi, CEO at Blend Interactive

On top of that, the recent unpredictability in the global market has heightened risk aversion among business owners. This shift is leading to an increased focus on proven and reliable CMS suppliers with a strong track record. The criticality of ROI is more pronounced, steering businesses towards established CMS platforms that promise stability and consistent performance in an uncertain environment.

And here's an interesting tidbit: did you know that G2 provides comprehensive CMS comparison reports based on hundreds of user satisfaction ratings - and the most recent one has shown Umbraco has the leading ROI? That's right – users have rated Umbraco as the best option if you want to get your business online in the most timely and cost-friendly manner.


Nurturing Trust for Digital Success:

In an era marked by economic turmoil and heightened risk aversion, building and instilling trust in customers becomes even more important. As businesses navigate through these uncertainties, they are not just looking for efficient solutions; they prioritize platforms that go beyond functionality to build a foundation of trust. Trust is and will keep being the ultimate currency in this dynamic digital world. 

Forrester's data rings true - specifically, it underscores the significance of personal interactions with product experts in building this trust. In a risk-averse world, meaningful engagements with experts hold more weight than other in-person activities. At Umbraco, we hold trust and personal connections in high regard. It's not just a checkbox for us; it's a core value and part of our DNA. 

"Umbraco to us is more than a CMS provider - it's a trusted partner. Umbraco's commitment to genuine connections aligns seamlessly with our values, and as we navigate uncertainties, we cherish and build trust every step of the way, together."

Niels Simonsen Brinkø, Chief Technology Officer at Kruso

Here’s to 2024!

2024 marks a big moment for CMS platforms, and each trend is playing a pivotal role in shaping the digital content landscape. At Umbraco, always tuned into CMS innovation, we’re ready to navigate these transformative currents, committed to delivering top-notch, user-friendly CMS solutions. These trends highlight how CMS isn't just about ease and efficiency; it's about crafting meaningful and engaging digital experiences.

These insights into 2024's CMS trends reflect Umbraco's forward-thinking approach, giving us a sneak peek into where digital content is headed. With an eye on the future, Umbraco keeps adapting and innovating, ready to embrace the exciting changes 2024 has in store for the CMS landscape. 


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