Tuesday, November 3, 2015

uProfile - Adriana Cerqueiro

Name:Adriana Cerqueiro GarcĂ­a del Castillo (long Spanish name!) @acerqueiro

Adriana Cerqueiro

Location: UK

Job role/company:Project manager / Lead Developer and London's sole employee for iKels Consulting at our European branch.

Started working with Umbraco: 2010 v4.5 ~ v4.6

What projects you currently working on?

Three different projects: mobile version / responsive design and html optimization on v4.7.2; final adjustments on a v6 project and a completely new client on v7! So exciting!!

What is your favourite Umbraco moment or achievement?

My level 1 Certification with Doug Robar and going to CodeGarden 2015. Meeting Doug in the London certification course, after only knowing him for his help on the forums was awesome. He helped us all so much and gave us tips on what we should look for in our projects.

After using Umbraco for 5 years, going to CodeGarden for the first time and meeting a lot of new people that are in the same situation as you are is incredible gratifying. It is a great way to see your coding problems from another angle and it gave me new ideas in how to work from home, deal with clients and how to approach my code. Overall, both experiences were so cool!

What about Umbraco keeps you coming back for more?
The ease of use and the fact that everyone is open to answer any questions you may have, it doesn't matter how simple or complicated it is, there is always someone in the blogs, twitter and forums to help. And of course my Level 2 Certification (that I hope happens soon!)

What would we find on your desk at work?
Well this is a trick question as currently I am working from home. So a combination of bills, laptop, keyboard, mouse, lots and lots of cables, coffee mug, my husband's petDuino project (thanks to Matt Brailsford)...oh! and a blue Orchid! (that I am trying very hard to keep alive)

Favourite boardgame?

Right now I am discovering the world of Settlers of Catan. I love Takenoko and Boggle (although I play it in Spanish!)

Who inspires you the most?

My parents and my husband. I know it sounds cheesy, but they are three of the most amazing people I know. They fight for what they want, they get over their fears and they just go for it.

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