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What’s the plan for Codegarden 2021?

We will get "together" next year - but in a new way

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Written by Kim Sneum Madsen

Back in March, Chief Friend Maker, Kim Sneum Madsen, and Chief Unicorn, Niels Hartvig, announced in a blog post that Codegarden 2020 wasn’t going to take place due to the spread of Covid-19. Now, 7 months later, we are still struggling with the spread of Covid-19 and because the pandemic continues we have, unfortunately, concluded that there will be no Codegarden in Odense in 2021. Yet, we’re happy to announce that Codegarden 2021 in a new format will happen: 

Codegarden is close to our hearts as well as to yours. It is the Umbraco conference that once every year gives us the opportunity to meet with as many Umbracians as possible.

We still want to achieve this, just in a new and pandemic-wise safe and secure way. We need to reinvent the format and have put together a small team from HQ who are working on this. A format that still gives us the chance to “meet” and connect with each other in a safe and secure way. 

A new Codegarden format (under development)

Codegarden 2021 WILL happen - but in a new format. Because of Covid-19 and the continuous spread, we have concluded that it is not possible to gather 750 + attendees from 40 different countries at DOK5000 at Odense harbor, as we have done the previous years. 

For now, we can reveal the following: 

  • Codegarden 2021 is going to be a virtual experience

  • Codegarden 2021 is going to happen at the end of May / June 2021 

Help us share your ideas for Codegarden 2021 

Our Umbraco HQ team is Ilham, Trine and Arnold. Please share with us ideas that would be suitable to implement for a virtual Codegarden in 2021. Hit Trine up with anything related to Codegarden 2021 at 🙌 We are looking for ideas, inputs and suggestions to give you the best virtual experience ever. 

Tickets bought for Codegarden 2020 

All ticket holders for codegarden 2020 will be reimbursed also if you have transferred your 2020 ticket to 2021. 

Our accounts department will reach out to you within the next 3 weeks to get your reimbursement information. The reimbursement will be made, as soon as we have your bank information. 

Stay up to date 

You may sit back with questions related to Codegarden 2021: What is going to happen and when? What will a ticket cost? etc. As mentioned above, the new format for Codegarden 2021 is still under development and we promise that we will keep you updated here on the Umbraco blog as soon as we have news and more specific details about the event - so stay tuned!

For now, we hope this information leaves you with some excitement and reassurance that we WILL see each other virtually for Codegarden next year - we can’t wait! 😃

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