Ready to create an impressive website?

Uno is the one-stop website platform for creative agencies. The wide range of pre-built widgets enables you to build anything from a sleek campaign site to a multi-layered website in no time.

Play around in a free 14-days trial where you get a test your craftsmanship on a sample site and discover just how much you are capable of on your own: 

Skip a few time-consuming steps 

No need for separate design mock-ups. No need for hiring external development resources. With Umbraco Uno, you can skip a few time-consuming steps ahead and get right to it when it comes to getting a basic - yet impressive - site up and running.

And with us taking care of basic maintenance such as hosting as well as security and bug updates, there's really not much holding you back from getting started today and promising a deadline you're confident you'll keep. 

Make it look and feel like you

Keep it "on brand"

Keep it "on brand"

Colors, font, logo. Basic things, yet very crucial elements in order for you to enhance your messaging, your personality, your vision, your brand.

Uno ensures you're able to stay "on brand" by allowing you to customize these elements.

And with the wide range of widgets for you to pick and mix from e.g. Hero image, gallery, newsfeed, contact forms etc., you're able to create the website you, or your client, is asking for. 

Add, edit, schedule, publish

An intuitive editing experience

An intuitive editing experience

Keeping a site "fresh" and relevant requires continues updates to text, images, pages, products etc. All of which is a breeze for you to do in Uno. 

Based on the Umbraco CMS which is praised for its editor friendly features, you are met with a set-up that's built to make editors smile.

No confusions, no extra unnecessary steps just a friction-free way for you to update your content, making it quick to provide new information to your customers.  

SEO support, Social Cards, multi-device display

We've thought of you

We've thought of you

With you in mind (modern creative agencies), we knew there were a few things you'd ask for. A few things you always sell to your client as a special feature.

Uno comes with SEO support so that you can e.g. fill out Title tags and Meta description as well as Social Cards to control how content looks when it gets shared on social media.

On top of that, your site is automatically designed to work well on multiple devices e.g. mobile, tablet, laptop etc. making sure your content gets seen and look good, wherever its present to your customers.     

Make it look and feel like you

Keep it "on brand"

Add, edit, schedule, publish

An intuitive editing experience

SEO support, Social Cards, multi-device display

We've thought of you

The "behind the scenes" maintenance you don't have to worry about

With Uno, there's no need for you to spend time on version updates, we'll do it for you. This way you can feel reassured that your site always has the latest security and bug fixes. 

And hosting? No need to worry about that either. As a Cloud service, your content, images, files etc. are all stored on the best and most innovative Cloud platform on the market - Microsoft Azure. 

On top of that, with the service we've named Latch, your TLS certificates are taken care of, so that your site's content will be encrypted and will always show a secure green "https://" for your visitors.   

Grow your site alongside your business

Your site is up and running in no time - but what about the future?

As your digital business grows it is only natural that the need and requirements for your website change alongside. With Uno Standard, Professional and Enterprise plans you can open up for custom code, meaning you can start customizing and extend even more.

With 4 available plans that vary in limits for e.g. Media Storage, Pageviews per month, Bandwidth per month, support, etc. you can pick a plan that fits your needs today and upgrade whenever the needs of tomorrow come. 

Ready to give Uno a go? 

Why not start with a free 14-days trial? No need to enter credit card details, simply sign-up and you'll have an Uno sample site up and running in just a few minutes:

Frequently asked questions


How do I get the best start with Uno?

We've got 3 suggestions for you to ease your Uno journey:

  • Start a free 14 days trial and work your way through the quick step-by-step backoffice tours. This is the fastest way to grasp the basic Uno feature right where you're going to be using them. Once you've logged in to the backoffice to update the content of your website, you'll find all the tours under the question mark symbol "?" at the top right. 

  • Go on a free Uno webinar. Here you'll get a guided tour by one of our Uno specialists of all the fundamental features. A great visual way to get an overview of what is possible and how. 

  • Find written step-by-step guides in the documentation. We've even got "How to get started" and "How to go live" guides waiting for you. 

What does Uno cost?

Uno is a monthly subscription-based SaaS offering.

We offer 4 plans that each varies in their range of available features and limits in regard to e.g. Media storage, pageviews per month etc.

This way, you can pick the plan that fits your need. If your needs change, it is always possible to upgrade along the way.  

Uno starts from €30 /month. Find the full overview of Uno plans and features right here.

What technical skills are needed to work with Uno?

Umbraco Uno is created with creative agencies in mind. Agencies that might not have web developers in-house and thus, need a service that doesn't require custom code in order to get a functional and good-looking website up and running. 

Art directors, designers, marketers and multi-media designers should all feel very comfortable when working with Uno. 

No need to have any prior experience with Umbraco. No need to know C#. Basic HTML understanding can be helpful but is not necessary.

What happens after my 14-day free trial?

When the 14-day trial runs out - and you didn't choose to upgrade to a paid plan - then we will close your trial project and after 30 days we will delete it completely.

And don't worry - you won't be stuck with a subscription at the end. You'll only pay if you decide to upgrade your trial to a paid plan.