Try Umbraco - Get started in two minutes

With Umbraco Cloud you can try the newest version of Umbraco almost instantly and see for yourself why so many people around the world love working with Umbraco.

With Umbraco Cloud, you get to test the full Umbraco product, plus a range of nice additions that we can provide because we both build and host the CMS. This makes setting up your test site extremely fast and easy.

Free 14 day trial - No credit card required.

The fastest way to try Umbraco 7.12

See for yourself why people love working with Umbraco. The trial is always updated with the newest features, so even if you tried Umbraco before, there is certainly something new and awesome to test.

No obligations or automatic payments

Should you decide that Umbraco Cloud is not for you, that is totally fine. We don't require you to enter credit card information before allowing you to try, and you are free to leave at any point.

No install or setup required

The Umbraco Cloud trial gives you the power of Umbraco, without you having to do anything other than providing a few details that allow you to log in. So you are literally up and running in two minutes.

Play around on a test site

We have created a test site for you, so you don't have to start from scratch. Test the beautiful editing experience, get inspired by how we built the site, alter what is already there or create new pages and document types from scratch.

Support for Cloud included

Have you never worked in Umbraco Cloud before? Don't worry the support team has got your back. In fact, all Umbraco Cloud specific functionality is covered by free support, so ask away.

Connect to your local machine

Experience just how easy it is to clone a project to your own machine and work on it in Visual Studio. All you have to do is copy your project URL into your favorite Git client and then you are good to go.

In two minutes you can start work on your own Umbraco website


After the two trial weeks I was very surprised with what Umbraco Cloud could offer. It fit so well into my vision: keep things simple.

Morten Empeño, Director, EMPENO

You push a button and you have a new project. It cannot get much easier than this.

Bob Baty-Barr, Senior Developer, The Segal Group

We love Umbraco Cloud! And why do we love it? It saves us time as it removes trivial tasks, like setting up hosting environments for new projects.

Michael Nielsen, Production Manager, Ørskov Web