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Umbraco Forms

Everyone deserves a form creator that's as easy to use as Umbraco, so we built just that. Whether it's a simple contact form or an advanced multi-step questionaire that integrates with 3rd party services - it'll be a breeze.

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Intuitive User Interface

Creating responsive forms is as easy as editing content in the Umbraco CMS. Forms is a seamlessly integrated experience. You can select from a range of well known input types, select validation rules, and even conditions - for instance "only show this field if the visitor answered 'Yes'". All through an intuitive and robust user interface.

Simply advanced workflows

While it's nice to gather data, it's even better when it's put to use. That's why Umbraco Forms lets you setup advanced workflows that can send e-mails, update webservices, save in CRM systems, and much more.

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Perosn editing the Umbraco backoffice on laptop

Beautiful reporting

Once your visitors have filled out forms, you can easily browse and search through the data using the built-in reporting tool or download the data for more advanced processing in Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

Get Umbraco Forms today

Your Umbraco Forms license comes with 1 production environment and two development environments.
One-time fee per domain:

Get Umbraco Forms€250/domain



It takes less than 15 minutes to master Umbraco Forms. We know it because the entire chapter on learning the products is a little more than 12 minutes long.

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Umbraco Forms comes with Umbraco DNA which means you can extend it in any possible way. To get you started on the right foot, we've made extensive documentation.

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Here to help

If you need support for Umbraco Forms, we're here to help. Get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll be happy to guide you further.

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Want to try forms?

Try out Umbraco forms in this full sandbox demo of Umbraco

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Loved by developers, used by thousands around the world!

One of the biggest benefits of using Umbraco is that we have the friendliest Open Source community on this planet. A community that's incredibly pro-active, extremely talented and helpful.

If you get an idea for something you would like to build in Umbraco, chances are that someone has already built it. And if you have a question, are looking for documentation or need friendly advice, go ahead and ask on the community forums.