Below you’ll find the Umbraco Roadmap. A general, high-level, overview of what the Umbraco HQ development team is working on Now, Next and Later. The Roadmap will give you an idea of where our software products are going and at what state the different components are currently in so you know if your favourite feature is on the roadmap and its current state.

For more detailed information concerning upcoming releases, please see our public release overview.

For an overview of the features, projects etc. that have already been delivered, please see Roadmap History

What to expect from the Roadmap

What you'll find in "Now"

Projects/Features that the development team currently have their hands on. You’ll also find an expected launch date/time period on most of the components.

What you'll find in "Next"

Projects/Features that we have started the process of planning. Once the necessary planning and preparation is done, this will be moved up to “Now” where it will be given an expected delivery time and, in some cases, split into smaller components. 

What you'll find in "Later"

Big projects that are on the team's “future board”. As work starts on the "Later" projects, they'll be broken up into smaller components before going into the "Next" level. 

The Umbraco Roadmap: Latest update 07/10/2019


Umbraco Headless

Umbraco Headless brings Umbraco CMS to any project that needs content management. The platform will be available as a SaaS offering and will provide a flexible connection to a range of platforms with APIs and source code libraries.

  • Connect with any technology via APIs and open source code libraries
  • Access to Umbraco backoffice through a SaaS platform
  • Headless available through Umbraco Cloud
  • No limitation on front-end rendering technology and no dependency on Umbraco website rendering.

Expected launch: Q4 2019

For more information, please see: Umbraco Headless product description

Improved Rich Text Editor

Look forward to a modern RTE that'll improve and simplify the editorial experience when working with rich text in Umbraco, empowering your content editors. 

  • Better support for elements that are considered basic part of modern content such as photos, headers, quotes, formatting, embeds of both video and social media posts
  • Better performance

A Request For Comments has been accepted on this topic on GitHub. You can see it right here

Data Type Overview/Tracking

With this new feature, you will be able to acces an overview of where a Data Type is used. You will also get a helpful warning if you try to delete a Data Type that is in use. This will make it easier to predict the effects of changing or deleting Data Types. This feature has been added as an outcome of the work done on the Media Overview/Tracking feature.

Media Overview/Tracking

With this new feature, your content editors will get a better overview of the usage of various media items (images, pdfs etc.) across the created content. This makes it easier to do editorial changes based on the media items used, without having to search through all content or remember where you’ve used your media.

A Request For Comments has been accepted on this topic on GitHub. You can see it right here



Block Editor

A new back-office editor that handles common page structure editing in a simple and intuitive way. The main concept of the editor is to manage list of blocks that represents a web page's structure, where each block is both a collection of content and a way to configure that collection to be rendered. Each content block and configuration is defined by an Element Type to make administrating and editing with the new Block editor consistent.

This editor aims to be an alternative to the popular editors in Umbraco version 7 such as the Grid, Stacked Content, LeBlender and Doc Type Grid Editor.

A Request For Comments has been accepted on this topic on GitHub. You can see it right here

Deploy On-Premises

The ability to use Umbraco Cloud Deployment technology outside of Umbraco Cloud to ease deployment between multiple Umbraco environments by connecting external hosted Umbraco projects with localhost or Umbraco Cloud as Development environments.

Improved Rich Text Editor

Round 2 of improvements to the Rich Text editor. Focus will be on more dynamic/responsive image handling along with improved configuration.

A Request For Comments has been accepted on this topic on GitHub. You can see it right here


.NET Core

We currently use .NET Framework which is being replaced by .NET Core in order to give you better performance and a more modern framework. Moving to .Net core will be a big transition but we aim to keep it simple and as smooth as possible.

For more information, please see the open Request For Comments: Proposed project structure for Project UniCore on GitHub. The RFC is in final comment period and will be accepted on October 7th, 2019

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