Severity Levels

We operate with a number of severity levels. Below you’ll find a description of the severity levels as well as definitions and examples hereof:

Severity 1 (highest)

  • Umbraco CMS security defect affecting site integrity and/or access to the publishing/editing API.
  • Umbraco CMS defect causing non-availability to site/publishing.
  • Deploy defect preventing publishing of time-critical content without a workaround.

Severity 2

  • Umbraco CMS security defect not affecting site integrity but vulnerability.
  • Umbraco CMS defect causing intermittent site access issues – such as for some users.
  • Deploy defect affecting publishing of content.

Severity 3

  • Umbraco CMS defect causing performance issues related to the Umbraco CMS code base.
  • Deploy security issues or other issues related to non-public access to Deploy – backoffice.

Severity 4

  • Usage - such as UX, plug-in behavior, and other UI quirks.
  • Deploy performance or usage issues.

Severity 5

  • Ordinary support questions not related to any operational matter.
  • Request for code review and/or architectural advising.


The severity level is decided upon based on mutual agreement.