Dedicated Resources

Anticipating a spike in resource usage? Launching a campaign, or a new product? Then you will be glad to know that you can choose to give your Umbraco Cloud projects the elbow room they need to handle it all.

Instant scale up
With Dedicated Resources, you can upgrade from shared to dedicated hosting with the click of a button. That means your project gets all the compute power, memory, and network bandwidth, ready to take on the task at hand.

... and scale down
Of course it goes the other way as well. When you no longer need the extra power, you can scale down. You choose whether it is to a smaller dedicated plan, or can switch back to a shared plan. 

Full and instant control over both resources and spending makes it easier for you to plan and execute!

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Dedicated Options for Umbraco Cloud Projects

There are several dedicated options to choose from designed to provide enhanced performance for production websites, as well as high-traffic e-commerce websites. These offer different configurations for the number of CPU cores and the amount of memory available to the project.

Feature List




Dedicated Resources
Dedicated 1
Starter dedicated 1
+ €210 / month
3.5 GB Memory
2 CPU Cores
Standard dedicated 1
+ €240 / month
3.5 GB Memory
2 CPU Cores
Pro dedicated 1
+ €1.000 / month
8 GB Memory
2 CPU Cores
Dedicated 2
Standard dedicated 2
+ €390 / month
7 GB Memory
4 CPU Cores
Pro dedicated 2
+ €1.300 / month
16 GB Memory
4 CPU Cores
Dedicated 3
Pro dedicated 3
+ €1.800 / month
32 GB Memory
8 CPU Cores

For more details on how it all works see the Dedicated Resources documentation.

Please note that Dedicated Resources is an add-on and does not include an Umbraco Cloud subscription.

Umbraco Cloud Dedicated Resources are subject to the terms and conditions listed in paragraph 3.6 in the Umbraco Cloud Terms and Conditions.

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