How does Umbraco Cloud work?

Isn't it about time your entire team start doing projects in a simpler and smarter way?

A free tour of all the wonders of Umbraco Cloud

You've probably gathered that Umbraco Cloud will take care of hosting, but we also keep telling you that it's oh so much more!

It's the perfect platform for your Umbraco website, a platform that'll save you buckets of time and hassle on those tedious set-ups and upgrading tasks 🌤️and then some... 

But how? Let one of our friendly Cloud specialists show you:

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Rheannon Kristian

Who should sign up?

Frontenders ✔️

Backenders ✔️

Project Managers ✔️

Maybe even a content editor who'd like to see how Umbraco Cloud will improve your entire team's workflow?

The webinar is relevant for you who knows Umbraco - and is ready to take it further. But also for you who's new to Umbraco and want to start your exciting Umbraco adventure on the best possible platform. 

Why join this webinar?

Umbraco Cloud is built as the perfect platform for your Umbraco projects - big or small. 

We have packed it with features that'll make your day-to-day work simpler, faster and more delightful. 

Taking advantage of the Baseline feature will, for example, make it possible for you to spin up new complete sites in just a few minutes. And with the automatic upgrades you never again have to waste your valuable time on doing it manually in order to ensure your website has the latest bug and security features.

It's the perfect home for your Umbraco website - let our webinar expert show you why:


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What topics does the webinar cover?

  • Purpose of Umbraco Cloud

  • Introduction to Umbraco Cloud

  • How to work locally (demo)

  • How to transfer changes (metadata) between environments (demo)

  • How to restore/transfer content between environments (demo)

  • How to create baseline projects (demo)

  • QnA

How long does the webinar take?

On-demand: 46 minutes. And then you can pause, re-watch, rewind as much as you want. 

We have carefully considered every minute of this webinar to ensure you get a valuable glimpse into the fundamental delightful features of Umbraco Cloud. 

A glimpse that'll give you the best idea of where to find what, and do what, in Umbraco Cloud, ensuring you take advantage of all the features right from the start. 

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