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GDPR and Umbraco

How we ensure to stay GDPR compliant

The EU General Data Protection Regulation was enforced on the 25th of May 2018. As Umbraco HQ is placed in Odense, Denmark, we have to comply with these regulations.

Here you’ll find GDPR related resources such as; an explanation of Umbraco’s role and responsibilities, our ready-to-download Data Processing Agreement as well as the implementations to our software that we have provided our users with to support them in meeting these regulations.

Umbraco's roles and responsibilities 

When is Umbraco acting as a Data Controller and when as a Data Processor? And what does this mean to you? 

Data Processing Agreement (DPA) & SCC

Here is the official Umbraco DPA and SCC available for download:

The right to be forgotten 

If you want your personal data to be deleted, how do you go about that? What role does Umbraco play? 


Storage of Data 

How do we store data outside of Europe?

Who are our 3rd party suppliers and sub-controllers in and outside of EU?


We've gathered all the frequently asked GDPR questions for you in one place. See if you can find the answer to your question:

View the GDPR FAQ

GDPR and you

The above is all about how we, Umbraco, are and stays GDPR compliant. During our work with GDPR, we discovered ways in which we could support our users with their GDPR compliance journey, making things just a tad simpler in regard to keeping track and control their data collection and user data access. This lead to implementations in the Umbraco CMS and Umbraco Forms which were rolled out as part of the Umbraco 7.9.0 and Umbraco Forms 7.0.0 releases. Implementations that are - and will continue to be - part of later releases, including Umbraco version 8.

How we support our user's GDPR journey


Pages and blog posts related to GDPR

To keep you updated and informed on how Umbraco handles GDPR, we've communicated openly about the process through various pages (like this one) and on our blog.

GDPR related pages and blog posts

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