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List of security contributors

Thank you and H5YR for making Umbraco safer 🙌

We regularly get reports about security issues in Umbraco and appreciate those very much, we'd like to thank the following people for their amazing efforts in making Umbraco more secure:

And thanks to the following people for pointing out configuration errors on some of our own properties:

External companies reporting and supporting us in fixing security issues:

  • Tenable - view report
    • Conclusion: All reported issues are identified as medium risk without any identified exploitations and have been resolved in collaboration with the reporter.

Note: we include only people in this list who bring us actionable items. Sending us results of automated scans is usually not helpful and won't automatically qualify you for a credit. Additionally, we only credit the first person who points out a problem that we can fix. Consecutive reports of the same issue will not be credited. if you want to know how best to report a security vulnerability in Umbraco, please follow the official guideline. 

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