On the 25th of May 2018 the EU General Data Protection Regulation will be enforced. We have investigated where improvements need to be made in order for all Umbraco products and services to meet the needed data protection requirements. On this page you'll find relevant documents and information about Umbraco and GDPR (the site will be updated regularly with new information). We have a plan in place and we will of course be compliant before the GDPR deadline in May.

Pages related to GDPR:

- Data Processing Agreement. - Relevant for Umbraco Cloud customers. You as a data controller and are using Umbraco.

- Umbraco as a Data Controller - What, why and how when we are data controllers.

- Umbraco as a Data Processor - Get an overview of when and how Umbraco is a data processor.

- Storage of data outside the EU - Information about storage countries and the Privacy Shield rules.

- The right to be forgotten, the right to data portability - How we make sure your data are deleted should you ask for it.

GDPR related blog posts:

- Umbraco and GDPR I; "The 4 categories of GDPR at Umbraco."

- Umbraco and GDPR II; "Umbraco version 7.9, the "GDPR release"

- Umbraco and GDPR III; "Umbraco Cloud and GDPR"

- Umbraco and GDPR IV; "The right to be forgotten"

- Umbraco and GDPR V; "Umbraco as a Data Controller, Data Processor and Storage of personal data outside EU is forbidden"

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