Monday, June 17, 2019

5 first-timers' perspectives on Codegarden 2019

So what do you need to know before going to Codegarden? As a first-timer, everything can be a bit intimidating, and as someone who's new to both Codegarden and Umbraco, I speak from personal experience 🙈!

"What do you need to know?"

"How do you convince your boss to let you attend?"

"Is it only for developers?"

Maybe you've had some of the same questions yourself 🤔? If that's the case, then fear not! We've asked 5 friendly first-timers about their take on Codegarden, leaving you with 5 different stories that might just help you out. It doesn't matter whether you were a CG19 first-timer, a veteran Codegardener, someone considering joining all the Umbraco-ness for CG20 or simply just curious!

These 5 stories will answer some of your questions or please your curiosity and make you smile! In short, these stories are definitely worth a read 🤓

Without further ado... Enjoy:

Joke Van Hamme, Project & Operations Manager at The Reference, Belgium:

"I wish I knew that you don’t need to be a developer or have a background in coding to attend Codegarden. My agenda was always fully booked with sessions to attend or people I wanted to talk."

Read Joke's full story here


Rémy Beumier, Front-end developer at KPMG, Belgium: 

"I was afraid not to be at ease enough to meet people or that those people wouldn’t be social enough..."

Read Rémy's full story here


Jacquie Steele, Junior Developer at 
LadiesOfCode, UK:

"The Umbraco community is a friendly place with so many friendly faces and that is something Umbraco HQ are so proud of; you can see it throughout the event."

Read Jacquie's full story here

Carl Sargunar, CTO, Director, General Dogsbody at Mondo Media, UK: 

"For years I stayed away thinking it wouldn’t be worthwhile and I wouldn’t get a lot out of it. Don’t make that mistake..." 

Read Carl's full story here


Milena Stijović, Student Assistant in COMA team at Umbraco HQ, Denmark:

"The community is indeed super friendly! There’s room for everybody. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a developer or not… As long as you’re open-minded and share a passion for Umbraco, you’ll be just fine!"

Read my full story here


Congratulations! You've made it to the end; H5YR 🎉! I hope you feel super inspired by now, but the story doesn't end here! If you're ready to join all the Umbraco-ness, I really hope to see you at Codegarden 2020! 

A big thank you to Joke, Rémy, Jacquie, and Carl for sharing their stories with me! 

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