Friday, June 15, 2018

8 first-timers' perspectives on Codegarden 2018

Which one to read? Well, our recommendation is that you read all 8 😊

Whether you were also a CG18 newbie, a veteran Codegardener, considering joining for CG19 or simply just curious, these 8 first-timers’ perspectives on Codegarden are definitely worth a read!

Each Codegarden newbie has been given the same set of questions leaving you with different, and brief, perspectives of Codegarden 2018. Perspectives that are honest, personal, entertaining and most of all, motivational.

Enjoy 😊:

Poornima Nayar, Senior Web Developer, UK:

I have been working with Umbraco for a long time, but I never managed to make it to any Codegarden in the past…

See all of Poornima’s answers

Dave Pearcey, Full stack developer at Pro:Direct Sport LTD, UK:

For me it was also facing my social anxieties, knowing that it’s expected of me to talk to fellow attendees. That was never an issue when we were there though...

See all of Dave’s answers


Elizabeth Gibbons, Director of Client Services at Zeroseven, Australia:

I’m also not a developer, so I was anxious I’d be alone in a corner by myself while all the developers talked technical…

See all of Elizabeth’s answers

Tony Cortinas, Vice President and Co-Founder of Marathon Consulting, US:

...after attending Codegaden, it’s clear that Umbraco is so much more than that. It’s a community.”

See all of Tony’s answers


Laura Vogt, Content Editor & Umbraco Festival Organiser at byte5 digital media, Germany:

At byte5, attending Codegarden is the initiation rite for every new employee. But honestly, it was much more than that to me…”

See all of Laura’s answers

Owain Williams, Technical Developer at LEWIS, Scotland:

Not all the CG18 talks or activities were about Umbraco which was great - it keeps everything really interesting…

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Gemma Disney, Project Manager at Carbon Six Digital Ltd, UK:

Would it be worth the time? To boil it down, absolutely yes, it was worth it!

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Nicolai Birkmose Oksen, Keyboard Smasher & Code Creator at Umbraco HQ, Denmark:

I was dead scared of bingo. Everyone kept telling me that no matter how much you prepare for bingo, it will surprise you…

See all of Nicolai’s answers


A big thank you and H5YR to Poornima, Dave, Elizabeth, Tony, Laura, Owain, Gemma and Nicolai for sharing your Codegarden experience with all of us.

We hope (and expect 😉 ) to see you all again for Codegarden 2019.

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