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Umbraco Cloud Powerhouse

Your official stamp of Umbraco Cloud expertise

Written by Anders Trans Sørensen

Today’s quite special for Umbraco Cloud experts. And we’ve got some exciting news to share with you. It’s no secret that more and more end-clients have been asking us for agencies with strong Umbraco Cloud skills. Wouldn’t it be great if your Umbraco Cloud expertise was easily visible to your end-clients? Well, we’ve got you covered. We’re delighted to introduce the Cloud Powerhouse badge - an official stamp that displays your outstanding Umbraco Cloud competencies. How awesome is that?😄🎉

Time to show off your Umbraco Cloud skills💪

You might be able to call yourself a Cloud Powerhouse soon. 

Especially if this sounds like you:

You already love working with Umbraco and have experience with Umbraco Cloud projects. And you are an Umbraco Partner because the partnership shows your strong commitment to it. Now it’s time that you get recognized for your Umbraco Cloud competencies and foster trust with your end-clients. 

We know that your end-clients are looking for an experienced, professional agency. And we have more and more end-clients reaching out to us for a skilled Umbraco Cloud agency. That’s why we are introducing the exclusive Cloud Powerhouse badge. Our new recognition badge allows you to show off your Umbraco Cloud competences for all to see.

How can I get the Cloud Powerhouse badge?

The criteria are quite simple and straight-forward. To get a lovely Cloud Powerhouse badge, you should fulfil the following:

  • You have acquired a certain level of Umbraco Cloud skills by having worked with 10 or more projects on Umbraco Cloud.
  • One of your talented developers should be Umbraco trained through a Fundamentals Course and a Cloud Developer course. 
  • You will have to produce 5 new Umbraco Cloud projects a year, to maintain the awesome Cloud Powerhouse status.

Does that sound like you? Maybe you’re a Cloud Powerhouse already! 

Or if it sounds like something you want to do, maybe you want to know more? 

Reach out to your very own Partner Friend Maker at Umbraco HQ and find out! 

Look at the lovely badges🤩 - they could be yours!

Are you looking forward to proudly show off your new Cloud Powerhouse badge? 

Here’s how they look:

Registered Partner Cloud Powerhouse Logo Rgb
Certified Partner Cloud Powerhouse Logo Rgb
Gold Partner Cloud Powerhouse Logo Rgb
Registered Partner Cloud Powerhouse Badge Rgb
Certified Partner Cloud Powerhouse Badge Rgb
Gold Partner Cloud Powerhouse Badge Rgb

They look stunning, don’t they? And they would look even better on your website. With your new Cloud Powerhouse badge, you will be acclaimed and recognized for your Umbraco Cloud skills by any client who visits your site - it’s your official stamp of Cloud expertise from Umbraco HQ.


More than a badge! 

Apart from special recognition of your Umbraco Cloud competencies, by being a Cloud Powerhouse, you also get access to free products and great discounts!

Take a sneak peek at all the benefits of being a Cloud Powerhouse😉

You get: 

  • a glorious additional badge on your Umbraco Partner logo
  • access to Partner Cloud discounts
  • a Free Professional Plan to use as a sandbox, demo, etc. 
  • an astonishing 50% discount on the Cloud Developer Course
  • exclusive access to Cloud counselling on new projects
  • the opportunity to submit your incredible Umbraco Cloud case studies
  • dedicated account management 
  • less administration with the option for a monthly consolidated invoice on all your projects 

So many marvellous perks come with being a Cloud Powerhouse. Ready to become one? 

Have a talk with your Partner Friend Maker at Umbraco HQ! They’ll be thrilled to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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