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Codegarden 2019 Day 2: What’s on the agenda?

See what we have planned for the second day of the biggest Umbraco conference in the world

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Written by Kristina Liebute

A month. Just a month left until we kick off an event that one of its attendees once referred to as “Glastonbury of tech world”. And while we might not have The Killers or The Cure on the agenda, like this year’s Glastonbury, you will definitely hear some... special music on May 23rd, Codegarden 2019 Day 2. But most importantly, we have a lineup packed with top-notch tech and non-tech talks that will delve into UX, documentation, machine learning, Umbraco package building and privacy, among others. Let’s just say, Codegarden Day 2 will be worth the w8… (you’ll get the pun in a bit)

Sessions by acclaimed speakers, hardcore Umbracians and Umbraco HQ

If you’re coming to Codegarden (and you should!), make sure to stay for the whole event as Day 2 of Codegarden 2019 is surely not a day to miss out on.

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The agenda is rock solid and the talks will be given by a number of acclaimed keynote speakers, all-round Umbraco community gurus and talented Umbraco HQ developers.

Here are a few of the speakers who will be doing their talks on Day 2, just give you a taste of what to look forward to:

Maria Naggaga2

Maria Naggaga

A developer, an artist, and Senior Program Manager on the Visual Studio and .NET team at Microsoft, the talented Maria Naggaga is coming to Codegarden to talk about Beyond Copy + Paste: Interactive documentation.

Tim Kadlec

Meet performance consultant and trainer focused on building a web everyone can use. Tim Kadlec is the author and co-author of multiple books about performance and responsive design. At Codegarden, Tim will talk about The Long-Tail of Performance.

Tim Kadlec
Trine Falbe

Trine Falbe

A consultant, speaker and lecturer focused on empowering people through ethical design, plus the author of the book White Hat UX, Trine Falbe will explain what we can all do to improve the experience of the products we build, regardless of our role. Hence, her talk is called Making better products with White Hat UX.

Dave Woestenborghs

Hardcore Umbracian, experienced Codegarden speaker, Lead Umbraco Developer at Colours, Dave will be sharing his knowledge and skills in creating Umbraco packages, or as he put it Building gr8 packages.

Dave Woestenborghs
Anca Bundaru

Anca Bundaru

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Bitdefender, Anca Bundaru will help you understand Why privacy is the most important service you can sell in 2019. According to Anca, no matter what products or services you offer, what market you’re in, you’re in the privacy game, which makes privacy at least as important as a feature or UX.

Stephan Gay, Shannon Deminick & Claus Jensen

As you may have heard, a couple of months back we let the world see the very newest version of Umbraco - 8. And at Codegarden the turbo trio - 3 brilliant Umbraco core developers Stephan Gay, Shannon Deminick & Claus Jensen will be giving a user-oriented approach to introduce you to some of the new cool Umbraco 8 features, changes and improvements. In short, it will be a talk appropriately called Umbraco 8 - worth the w8.


Stephan Shannon Claus

And these are just some of the speakers who will be inspiring, teaching and motivating you to create even better Umbraco solutions. You can take a peek at the continuously updated speaker list (current count - 33) and talks on Codegarden 2019 website.

The first rule about Umbraco Bingo… you don’t talk about Umbraco Bingo. What is that again..? Umbraco Bingo is a semi-official (arguably) event that happens in the evening of the second day of Codegarden, when the conference sessions finish.

And while the Bingo program as per usual is very much hush-hush, we can say that it is something you simply cannot miss out on. All you have to do is bring an open mind. A very open mind.

For now we’ll just leave you with a photo:

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Just a moment - there’s more in the goodie bag

As on other days of Codegarden, Day 2 will have the Dream Corner (fantastic new way for the community to interact and exchange ideas) and the Mindful Corner (learn how to clear your head and prepare your mind for a packed Codegarden agenda).

Plus, in the mornings you will be able to join CG Runners to have that fresh jog around the city of Odense. Sightseeing and cardio, a double-win, if you ask me 🏃‍♀️ 


That’s not all. Kris Deminick will also host yoga sessions in between the talks, so after a stretched mind (do people say this?) you’ll also be able to stretch your body.


Are you coming?

If you are, you just read another blog post to fuel up the excitement and we cannot wait to see you in Odense!

And if you are considering to come, know that we still got tickets; however, the sooner you book, the better - it means cheaper flights, cheaper train tickets, and simply less headache:

Buy your Codegarden 2019 ticket now >>

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