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Codegarden speaker highlights

You don't want to miss these speakers!

Written by Vera Green

Every year, we work hard to make it the biggest and best Codegarden ever. Based on feedback from previous year’s attendees, we’ve managed that pretty well. And 2020 will be no exception! Let’s be fair - a lot of things go into making it “the best ever” but one of the most essential things, one of the best arguments for you - or your boss - to buy that Codegraden ticket, is the speaker lineup, thus, the new things you’ll learn and discover. So let’s have a look at some of the speakers and the talks you can start looking forward to:

It’s February, and today there are exactly 98 days until the biggest Umbraco event of the year. 

And for the first time ever, we already have 20 speakers confirmed! 🎉 That’s about 70% of the speaker lineup already there for you to look at to help you make the decision of whether Codegarden 2020 is for you.

However, the first question on your mind might be; 

Who should attend Codegarden 2020?

For Codegarden 2020, we strive to make the speaker program even more diverse to match the Umbraco reality as well as being true to our sales-pitch; 

“If Umbraco is an important part of your business, Codegarden is the place to be!”

Working with Umbraco is not just a developer thing - for many, it’s a huge part of their business, their sales pitches to end-clients, their business structure, their day-to-day tasks. Codegaden 2020 will reflect that reality by having a mix of talks that are aimed at web developers (backend, frontend), UX’ers, project managers, business owners, CTOs etc.  

So at the risk of sounding like a broken record; “If Umbraco is an important part of your business, Codegarden 2020 really is the place to be!”

And the proof is in the pudding; the speaker line-up. 

So let’s dig into that scrumptious Codegarden 2020 pudding 😋:

All the way from Microsoft; Scott Hanselman

The excitement of finally having Scott Hanselman on our speaker list clearly showed on Twitter! 

And I say “finally”, because this is a man who the Umbraco founder, Niels Hartvig, has tried to get to Codegarden since 2011! 

Who is Scott Hanselman? 

Hanselman works for the Web Platform Team at Microsoft but is probably more known in the developer community as a brilliant podcaster, blogger and speaker, picking up and discussing new trends and sharing his knowledge. Open source and web communities are some of his main interests which makes him a perfect speaker for Codegarden.

- no wonder Niels has been chasing Hanselman for years! 

In May, you get the unique pleasure of experiencing Scott Hanselman. Live. On stage. At Codegarden 🤩 

Debbie Levitt; How Great UX Improves Engineering’s Efficiency and Sanity

Should developers and web engineers even worry about UX? It’s not really their job - is it? 

Based on the title above, you might already know that the answer from the CEO of Delta CX, Debbie Levitt, will be “yes!”.

But why? And how?

In her Codegarden talk, Debbie will show you; “how the UX process fits into Lean and Agile; augments software dev goals; increases customer satisfaction; and saves time, money, and sanity before developers write a single line of code.”

Having the right UX processes in place will not only save you money, time and sanity - it will also make you deliver a better product to your client. 

Maybe you’ve already felt the pain of poor UX? Maybe you’re always up for getting tips on how to improve in this area? 

Then you definitely don’t want to miss Debbie’s golden UX nuggets at Codegarden!

Umbraco Heartcore - with a side of Tacos… and other “horses” 🐴

Let’s face it - Codegarden is the best place to hear things directly from the “horses’ mouths”.

The Codegarden 2020 speaker lineup will, of course, have a lot of these interesting horses - AKA Umbraco HQ members, so you can get the latest news and tips about the various Umbraco products directly from the people who are developing them!

The speaker lineup already has HQ members like; Rune Strand, Product Owner, Shannon Deminick, Director of Moon Based Operations, Bjarke Berg, .NET Core project manager and of course, Niels Hartvig, Chief Unicorn and founder of Umbraco 🦄

Also; Morten Christensen - the lead developer of our brand new headless CMS offering; Umbraco Heartcore.

Morten showcasing Umbraco Heartcore and serving tacos at Codegarden 2019

Morten showcasing Umbraco Heartcore and serving tacos at Codegarden 2019

At last year's Codegarden, Morten introduced you to the wonderful world of Umbraco as a headless cms and tacos as the main course. Since then, we have launched Umbraco Heartcore with a wealth of features and APIs. So for Codegarden 2020, Morten will do a deep dive into Umbraco Heartcore and the tacos will be a side order served through live demos.

During this session, you will learn about;

  • The Content Delivery and Content Management APIs and their use cases
  • Authentication and Authorization options for different scenarios like API use, member access and forms submissions
  • Image manipulations via CDN
  • utilizing Webhooks for integrations
  • GraphQL querying
  • how to use the Preview API

If you have your eyes on Umbraco Heartcore or may be wondering if this is a solution for you - then Morten’s Heartcore deep dive will be the perfect talk for you! 

Paul Sterling; Using Umbraco at the center of our MarTech OS

How do you get the most out of your MarTech (Marketing Technology) tools? 

Based on a real-life set-up, Paul Sterling, CTO at Mold Inspection Sciences, will share their experience with building a sustainable SMB MarTech OS using Umbraco.

"Using Umbraco at the center of our Martech OS to orchestrate integrations allows us to select the best-fit tools regardless of the tool’s technology platform. As a small team, we can use the combination of open-source and commercial tools that best amplify our message and connect to the channels important to us. 

Our Umbraco based MarTech OS is an omnichannel content hub where we orchestrate campaigns across channels and rapidly develop and deploy content to target channels simultaneously. It has helped us overcome the chaos of digital marketing and gain control and insight into campaign effectiveness."

Now that’s an interesting case, right? Maybe there’s a few tips and tricks for you and your set-up in this talk?

Convinced yet? Catch the Early Bird while you’re at it!

I hope you enjoyed the above as a small taste of what’s to become the best Codegarden ever! 

Maybe it has you convinced already? Fantastic! The even more fantastic news is that the Early Bird is still here. But only for today and tomorrow 🏃🏼‍♂️ (offer ends at midnight on the 20th of Feb!) 

So if you want to grab your Early Bird Codegarden ticket for just €600 €750 and start counting the days with real excitement, because hey - you’re going to Codegarden! 🙌

Then make sure to buy your ticket now:


Buy your Early Bird ticket now >>


And remember, the above was just a small sample of all the brilliant speakers - keep track of all the Codegarden 2020 speakers as they tick-in on the official Codegarden 2020 website


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