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Codegarden 2023: The aftermath

Thank you for an amazing Codegarden! 🙌

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Written by Steffie Limère Fugl

Another year, another Codegarden, and what an amazing Codegarden it was! Tons of high-fives were both given and received, we had a lot of interesting sessions with some fantastic speakers and it was just generally an amazing and successful Codegarden 🥳  We know Codegarden 2024 is a long time away so we made a sum-up of some of the fun and amazing things that happened during Codegarden to hopefully combat some of that Codegarden blues.

How do you sum up the Codegarden experience?

It’s impossible to truly capture and sum up everything that happened at Codegarden. We had standing ovations at every session, face painting, the probably most exciting game of Jenga ever and so much more! If you either want to relive some of the memories or just see what everyone got up to, you can see all of the pictures from Codegarden right here, or watch the aftermovie right below here 👇



Blogs, vlogs and doodles by awesome attendees

We love to see what people say about Codegarden and we’ve already seen several blogs from some of the attendees, both from newcomers and from people who have been many times before. Take a look at the blogs below and see Codegarden through the eyes of the people who were there to experience it 👀

If you’re more into art than blogs, then Matt Brailsford's doodle is just the thing you’re looking for. This is all the fun and fantastic memories from this year’s Codegarden made into one big doodle🖋️


Matt Brailsfords doodle of memorable moments from Codegarden 2023


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Live episodes with UmbraCoffee and Candid Contributions

Did you know that Candid Contribution had its very first live version of the podcast during Codegarden? It went amazingly, and you can catch the episode right here!

UmbraCoffee also went live on all three days of Codegarden. If you want to see what they got up to and who joined them on stage, you can watch the episodes on their Youtube.


UmbraCoffee live at Codegarden


Watch the recordings

The talks that were part of the online versions of the program are available to watch in the Umbraco Events app. That is all of the keynotes from Wednesday, June 14th, all sessions taking place in Alfred & Kamilla #16 on Wednesday, June 14th, and Umbraco Awards.

You can also watch the popular talk "The brilliance of not being brilliant" by Jason Wodicka on our Youtube.


Codegarden in numbers

We are always so happy that a lot of you want to come to Odense to join us for Codegarden 🙌 This year we had a total of 1,751 attendees in total for the Codegarden week, with 782 people who joined us in person, and a total of 969 people who joined us for the online version of Codegarden. A big H5YR to all of you and thank you for joining us!

We also had a lot of speakers who came to Codegarden this year. We had a total of 60 phenomenal speakers, with 35 % of them non-male speakers 💪, and a total of 50 sessions, 1 hands-on workshop, 1 hackathon, 3 UmbraCoffees, a live Candid Contributions podcast, the Umbraco Awards, and our crazy Thursday night show, so there was plenty to choose between!


Umbraco Awards winners on stage


So many well-deserved awards 🏆

It’s a tradition at Codegarden to have the Umbraco Awards to celebrate those who have created amazing solutions using Umbraco, and this year was no different! This year we chose to also include the Package Awards in the Umbraco Awards, which means that we got to celebrate a total of 8 awards winners! You can see all of the winners here.


The 2023 MVP winners on stage


We have a lot of people who contribute to Umbraco and the community, and every year we honor these people on stage by awarding new MVPs with their titles and celebrating those who had their titles renewed. Of course, this year was no exception to the tradition 🎉

This year we awarded a total of 17 new people with their MVP titles, and an amazing 66 (!) people got their titles renewed - that’s a total of 83 MVPs! You can see all of the new and renewed MVPs here.


All there is left to say is..

A massive H5YR and thank you from Umbraco HQ to everyone who joined us for Codegarden 2023! We really couldn’t do it without you 😄

Codegarden is back on June 10-14, 2024, so we have to wait (almost) a year before Codegarden is here again, but we’re sure that time will pass fast! Make sure to sign up for the Codegarden 2024 newsletter so you don’t miss out on any important information or updates.

See you next year for Codegarden 2024!

HQers on the stage at Codegarden

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