Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Josefine’s SoMe survey results

Hi everyone!

…Remember me?

JosefineMe starting my thesis journey at Umbraco HQ back in March.

A few months ago, I reached out to you to gain valuable insights of Umbraco on social media in order to complete my master thesis. And I did. In late June, I graduated my master’s degree with a top grade, and I couldn’t be happier. But. I owe it all to you! So, I just want to thank you for the massive support you showed me and Umbraco HQ by contributing with answers to the survey.  

To be honest, I didn’t expect more than maybe 20 participants to the survey. But, boy did you Umbracians prove me wrong. ALMOST 200 OF YOU TOOK TIME OFF TO PROVIDE INSIGHTS – that’s what I’d call one heck of a friendly community. I am beyond words for my gratitude to you.

And so is Umbraco HQ.

Because your answers were extremely valuable for both parts, as Umbraco HQ got the chance to get insights into your point of view.

What do you find most relevant on the social platforms?

In the survey I asked you what you found most relevant for Umbraco to behave on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. With the data, I made a heatmap to create a comparison of the answers, which actually was very interesting. Take a look at the heatmap below:



Most of you follow Twitter (that wasn’t that surprising, given the information I got from HQ), where Facebook is second and Instagram is the least followed social media by the survey participants. However, the heatmap showed different findings on what you actually prefer on each channel. I won’t dive into every statement, but it appears that you agree on that valuable, useful content is most relevant for Facebook and Twitter, where it’s more important that Umbraco appears human on Instagram.

These findings are extremely (!!) valuable to Umbraco HQ, because with these insights, they have the ability to act accordingly depending on the communication on the different social media channel. So, thank you! 

What Umbraco does well - and what they could improve on.

In the survey I asked both what you thought Umbraco does well, and what you think they could be better at. That resulted in some pretty interesting quotes which shows what you guys think of the different platforms and Umbraco’s performance on them. Some of them are shown below (anonymous, of course 😉) :


Suggestions for improvement:

“I would suggest picking one primary platform, where relevant news and information is shared. I would choose Facebook, as its format and spread is best suited for it. Use Twitter, Instagram and others, for more “fun and games” and “here and now” type of communication.”

“Umbraco could do more to promote some of the good development practices being shared by the community, over pushing Umbraco as a CMS for all people - this would go a long way towards ensuring that seasoned developers take Umbraco seriously as an option for their applications.”

”Facebook - more ads, videos.”

What Umbraco does well:


“Twitter, very active, relevant information from Official account as well as HQ employees.”

“Twitter - because they manage to get valuable info out in short messages/tweets.”

“Twitter - sharing valuable information in an "informal" way and reacting in an appropriate way when engaged in discussions.”


There were of course many other comments from the 200 participants - most of them positive to be honest - so the above is just a small sample. But it’s important to note that both positive and constructive comments are super valuable for Umbraco. It's also important to note that Umbraco won't implement every improvement suggestion as it is of course also a question about finding something that also fits the organisation's own strategy and resources.  

To sum up, from the survey, I found that in general you guys agree on what you find relevant for Umbraco to do, which channel Umbraco does well on and which they could improve on. As seen from the quotes, many of you suggest improvements on Facebook, whereas there isn’t a finger to put on the Twitter activities.

“The insights Josefine has provided us with are priceless! They both clearly highlight where and how improvements could be made, but they are also a big pat on the back to us and our work, as they show that the strategy we follow at the moment and what we do, given our current resources, is very much appreciated in the community. That’s super motivational! H5YR to the community for your participation and H5YR to Josefine for choosing Umbraco as your case and providing us with these valuable insights”  
Vera, The Merry Wordsmith, Umbraco HQ


“I am so happy that Josefine chose us as her focus for her master thesis! It is incredibly helpful to us to get an outsider’s take on how we’re doing with our social media. Thanks to Josefine and the best community in the tech universe we got feedback that shines light on how we could do things better, but also confirms the parts where we’re on the right track. It is definitely a massive inspirational boost!”
Kristina, The Scribbling Storyteller, Umbraco HQ

It was such an interesting process to gather all the survey data and make it more understandable. I got so much positive feedback from my supervisor, who thought my findings were so interesting – because no matter what theories suggest it all comes down to one thing; the users, the customers – you guys. What you think and want from your favorite CMS.


Thank you!

Again, my friendly Umbracians, an endless thank you for taking pride in making me graduate! I wish you all a wonderful summer – and because of your invaluable help, I know that I need a well-deserved break now too ;-)

Take care and the friendliest hug…



JosefineMe right after graduating - thank you for your help!

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Spend 5 minutes and help Josefine graduate

Do you follow Umbraco on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? If yes, then we’ve got a big favour to ask you - a favour that’ll only take 5 minutes of your time. We want to know what you think about our communication on these channels - what we do well, what we could improve etc. But that’s not all. We’re doing this short anonymous survey in collaboration with Josefine; a hard working, soon-to-be-graduate, social media nerd who’s spending her final weeks at university writing her master’s thesis on Umbraco and our use of Social Media. Needless to say, your 5 minutes will provide both us and Josefine with very valuable insights - your might just be the reason Josefine gets an A and we start posting more kitten gifs - so thank you!

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