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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Meet our new Gold Partner: Welcome to Cantarus

Hi there 👋

We're Cantarus, a leading full-service digital agency based in Manchester, United Kingdom. Our focus lies in rigorous engineering and user-centric design.

Since 2003, we've partnered with organisations worldwide to deliver outstanding solutions across the entire digital ecosystem – from website development to building apps and from strategy to branding.

We thrive on partnerships with companies that share our drive for innovation. Some of our notable clients include the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Sports Direct, WHSmith and Worldpay amongst many others.

We've cultivated a culture of excellence through investing in top-tier talent and the selection of cutting-edge technologies. Our team consists of 43 employees, who are all driven by a desire to deliver innovative solutions that produce outstanding results.

Umbraco Gold Partner Cantarus

Why we use Umbraco 

We've been actively working on delivering Umbraco solutions to our customers since 2017.

We like Umbraco, because it’s easy-to-use, flexible, and you don't need any prior technical knowledge for content creation. It's great to be able to manage everything our way and have more control of the solutions we deliver to the market.

On top of this, it's open-source and free to use, so it delivers significant cost and efficiency savings to our customers.

"As a .NET development company, Umbraco was an easy choice for our customers and us. It enables us to deliver best-of-breed solutions, whilst giving our customers the ability to maintain control of their website through the initiative content management interface provided by Umbraco."

- Mike Cundall, Chief Operating Officer, Cantarus

Mike Cundall Umbraco Gold Partner

One of the best features of Umbraco is the fact that it is pretty much a blank canvas, so you're totally in control.

It's also highly secure, and it’s easy to run and manage multiple websites from a single installation. Umbraco doesn't place restrictions on your front-end, so websites can be designed to meet the client's requirements from the beginning.

With Umbraco, you can get back the time wasted on the smaller tasks, so what's not to like?

Besides, the extensive array of plugins available on the market is a significant advantage over other CMS products. We can easily fulfil our customer's requirements around personalisation, workflow, and eCommerce without having to build these bespoke.

Cantarus Gold Partner

Gold Partner? "We want the best for our clients"

As a full-service digital agency, we always want the best for our clients. We believe Umbraco offers this.

Of course, the Gold Partner status is the top-level of accreditation, so we wanted to be able to achieve this level. This ensures us the best access to Umbraco and new opportunities, which we can then provide for current and future clients.

We have certified Umbraco developers sitting within our expert development team, which means that we're able to build the most digitally efficient Umbraco websites.

To keep things simple, solidifying our existing relationship with the Umbraco product through the Gold Partner network was an obvious next step in our journey.

Having access to the highly knowledgeable Umbraco support team was the icing on the cake 🎂

We are committed to the product 

We believe the main value in becoming an Umbraco Gold Partner is the credibility it provides. Being a recognised Gold Partner means we can show clients we are true Umbraco expert developers. It also shows our genuine commitment to the community and product.

In addition to this, the support we get from the core team over in Odense is second to none. If we ever need support for our deployments, they're always there to support our team here in the UK.

"It's a real pleasure for me to welcome Cantarus and their whole team to the Gold Partner family! They are digital experts with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to open source .NET CMS platforms with over 15 years of experience in this field. Combined with this Gold Partner relationship, they will be bringing even more value to their customers. I look forward to working closely with you in many years to come!"

- Mike Pedersen, Partner Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ


Want to know Cantarus even better? Visit Cantarus's Gold Partner page.

You can also learn more about what it means to be an Umbraco Gold Partner.

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