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Monthly Meetup Memo: November 2021

Let's keep the Christmas vibes flowing while staying safe 😷 Here's all the news on recent and upcoming Umbraco Meetups.

Written by Trine Nissen

Welcome back to your monthly dose of the Umbraco Community’s meetup magic! This month has seen a gradual increase of in-person meetups, but there’s clearly still a lot of caution due to COVID levels rising once again 😷 That doesn't mean we can't keep in touch...

This month’s meetups

November has seen a super active UK Community with meetups all across the country!

  • “Aaron Sadler & Umbhost: Removing the myth that Umbraco is expensive to host” hosted by Umbraco Leeds Meetup 
  • “Umbraco 9 Informal Chat” hosted by Manchester and North West Umbraco Meetup 
  • “Social - Umbraco Together Pre-Party” hosted by Wessex Umbraco Meetup 
  • “Edinbuug virtual Umbraco Meetup” hosted by Edinburgh Umbraco Users Group - EDINBUUG


“To attend an Umbraco meetup isn’t only about the talks and the things we learn from the speaker's. It is mainly about meeting other people that are working with the same platform, and to share ideas, have discussions and get their perspective and insights. That’s the real magic. It’s also a great time with great people in the world’s friendliest community.” 


 Jens Josefsson
Co-organizer of the Göteborg Umbraco Meetup.

What’s coming up

Are you ready for some holiday vibes? 🙌 🎄

🪓“Christmas Social - Axe Throwing” hosted by Umbraco Leeds Meetup, Friday 3rd of December, 2021 - Maybe you've got what it takes to hit the bullseye? -RSVP here

🛠   “How to build a site on open-source Umbraco CMS on .Net Corea Networking Event hosted by Umbraco Ahmedabad Meetup & Umbraco Chennai, Wednesday 8th of December, 2021 - Get the chance to win some of the newest Umbraco swag in the Kahoot quiz 👕RSVP here

👋“Australian Umbraco Meetup - (Virtual + in-person if permitted)” hosted by Melbourne Umbraco Meetup, TBD Dec 2021.  Join this meetup with *5* lightning talks wrapping up 2021!RSVP here

🚀“Umbraco Meetup Revival” hosted by the Dorset Umbraco Meetup, Tuesday 14th of December, 2021 - Give your input on the future of the meetup group while enjoying Christmas drinks and great company!RSVP link to come.


H5YR! to all meetup organizers who are doing an amazing job, planning and hosting meetups!



Trine’s Tips & Tricks

Do you remember to remind your members about your meetup? I’ll bet that even with the “Announce Meetup” feature, a lot of members forget about your meetup if they don’t sign up immediately, right? 🤔

So this month’s tips & tricks from me; use the “Contact Attendees” feature under Organizer tools! It’s a great way to promote your meetup straight to your group’s members. 

Trine Nissen

Remember to check out the available resources and support for meetup organisers, and you can always reach out to me for help in getting set up.

If you have anything you’d like to add to next month’s blog post, please reach out to me at!

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