Adrian and his family on a hike

New Hire at Umbraco: Adrian the Engineering Enthusiast

A new hire that loves tech growth, good coffee, and history documentaries

Adrian Cojocariu
Written by Adrian Cojocariu

Meet Adrian, the newest Lead Integration Engineer on our DXP team. He works remotely from Iași, Romania, and will take his 14 years of experience in various tech roles to help grow Umbraco into as strong a DXP choice as his morning espresso! ☕

Image from Apocalypse now with "Love the smell of coffee and diesel in the morning" written on it

Credits to Robert Duvall - Apocalypse Now, 1979

This image perfectly sums up my welcome “ceremony” at Umbraco.

Hi there, I am Adrian Cojocariu and joined Umbraco in December 2021 as a Lead Integration Engineer in the new DXP team, working remotely from Romania.

Adrian Cojocariu

As you might have noticed from the above picture, I’m not that great with introductions - so what better way to make an introduction than with the help of a person more famous than me? :)

I love a good coffee, movie, or historical documentary, and have a passion for anything with engines. While visiting the old HQ in Odense, Denmark, I was impressed by the engine room. Complementing it was a good coffee, which created a perfect memory in my mind.

My fairy tale story

I live in eastern Romania in a city called Iași, the most important political, economic and cultural center of the region of Moldavia, as well as one of the oldest cities in Romania. Deeply rooted in history, Iași has been the main center of Moldavian culture since the late 1300s. The city prides itself on being the place where the first Romanian newspaper was published and the home of the first Romanian university. It’s now one of the largest university centers in Romania.

Adrian and his wife in front of a pool
Adrian lying in the grass with his daughter
Adrian's daughter looking at the camera through a bubble

I live here with my wife and our 8-year old daughter. We spend our quality time together biking, roller skating and doing various “mountaineering” activities when time and weather allow. One of our favorite activities is going around the city with our electric scooters. Although we haven’t seen too much snow in the past years, we try to make the most of winter and go skiing or ice skating at various resorts in the Carpathian mountains.

Adrian and his family in front of a stone cliff face in a forest

My wife and I love to drive, and each year we spend thousands of kilometers on the road visiting various places in Europe, either for relaxation or sightseeing.

This also helps me fuel the passion I have for history, as I am a big consumer of historical documentaries and like to bring a story or two to the places I visit.

And professionally?

I began freelancing right before the pandemic in the autumn of 2019.

Adrian and his daughter dressed up to run wearing colorful clothing and medals

I worked with Umbraco for various customers, especially Danish ones. Having previous CMS experience, I got hyped up on the new Friendly CMS, so that when the opportunity presented itself to join HQ itself, I took it right away. (And here I am!)

Otherwise, spending ~14 years in the extremely dynamic IT ecosystem, during which time I rapidly gained experience at both small agencies and larger companies, has taught me a lot and modeled my approach to the projects I’m involved in. Now it’s up to me to prove that the lessons I learned moving from entry-level to management turned me into a serious engineer, especially in Iași, a city that has undergone a massive tech transformation since I started out. 

If you want to catch up more, discuss various topics or get technically engaged, feel free to reach out to me!

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