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A story that includes computer science, travelling, photography and… cows.

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We’re excited to welcome yet another member to our ever growing HQ family. Mikulas has joined the forces with our development team or, more precisely, D-team. He is a computer science student, but that is not the only one of his specialities. Say hello!

My new job at Umbraco HQ

Greetings fellow Umbracians 😉 My name is Mikulas, I am 26 years old. Originally I come from Kosice in Slovakia. Being a computer science student I love what I do and I do what I love here at Umbraco. I am really looking forward to meeting all of you, be it on Github, issue tracker or anywhere else on the streets of Odense.

The main reason why I wanted to join Umbraco was the community (yep... you were the reason!). As a new member of the D-team I’ll mainly be going through the issues in order to get into the project and then I’ll primarily work on the Umbraco Cloud.

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So what is it that I like and do?

I enjoy hiking and exploring while on my travels. So far, the furthest I got (on a road trip adventure) was the Slovakia to Crimea trip by train which took 35 hours of travel time in multiple “sleeping” trains just one way (kind of a cultural experience).

In the future, I would love to do a similar trip from Europe all the way to China traveling by the Trans-Siberian railway. The return trip would take approximately a month, but I am that kind of a person who agrees with the saying: “It’s not about the destination, but about the journey.”

As a programmer, I don’t generally spend much time running around outdoors, yet I really love to. Those times I do get out I usually take a small walk with my girlfriend Dominika, right outside where I live.  Since the summer is finally here, it’s those small moments in the nature which make me smile 😊

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I also enjoy cooking. Mainly for me and my girlfriend. She’s rather difficult to please, yet she praises the food. So, either she likes me too much, fears me or I can actually cook!


About my favorite toys 🎮

I like photography. I am an amateur and my main tool is a beautiful all-mechanical SLR Olympus OM-1 camera which I absolutely should carry with me at all times, yet I don’t. Being all-mechanical it requires no battery, so only your film stock, photography skills and creativity set the limit.


Studying computer science, I guess it’s only obvious that I do spend time occasionally procrastinating playing computer games. My favourite and pretty much the only played title nowadays would be Europa Universalis IV.

Besides providing me with the possibility of a world conquest (which is a horrible drag!) and bragging rights afterwards (which usually no one cares about anyway ...), the game offers players a nice historical context from the times of the Renaissance up to the end of Age of Revolution (1480 - 1850).

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As of now I have been living in Odense for 2 years, which has been an immense pleasure for me. Coming here from a much more hectic capital was a monumental change. The nature all around, cycling and beer being part of the national heritage... I mean, can it get any better? Yep, it can, because there’s the Danish leverpostej (or liver pâté)🍴

Anything else that piques your interests? Feel free to ask whenever we meet in that vast online world or in the streets, and don’t forget - #H5YR! 😊

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