Sigrun snowboarding

New Hire at Umbraco HQ: Sigrún in the Skies

Our newest Icelandic addition is an active, multitalented software developer

Sigrun Portrait (1)
Written by Sigrún Dís Hauksdóttir

Don't challenge our newest COMA hire to a tongue twister contest 😉 Sigrún, the marketing team's new software developer, is a force to be reckoned with! 🇮🇸 From her experience in the airline industry to skydiving + snowboarding and finally her passion for her studies, there's so many things she could be doing right now ❄ and that's why we're glad she's decided to focus her energies making the Umbraco editors happy! 😊 

Hi there 👋

My name is Sigrún Dís Hauksdóttir, and I was recently hired as a web developer for the COMA team – Communications and Online Marketing Astronauts – while I do my studies. 

Currently, I live in Odense not far from Umbraco HQ, and am working towards my Master’s degree in Product Development and Innovation at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). Before that, I completed a BSc degree in Software Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the University of Iceland.

Sigrun Jokulsa (1)

Wading in a river in Iceland called "Jökulsá í Lóni"

Sigrun snowboarding

You'd find me snowboarding if Denmark had mountains!

Experience and excitement

In recent years, I have been working as a software developer in the airline industry, mainly focusing on the front-end implementation of web applications, which basically means I make things pretty ✨ I also have a hand in data analytics, improving UI and UX, search engine optimization, and tracking how new features affect products.

I am extremely excited to join COMA, especially because I enjoy working in a diverse team. I believe that working with people with broad knowledge from various backgrounds is the best environment to solve problems and create good products. 

And I look forward to learning a thing or two from these skilled people!

Sigrun skydiving

Sigrún in the skyyyy with diamonds...

Sigrun Studlagil (1)

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Iceland, called Suðlagil

Who am I?

I am 25 years old and from a small winter island far, far away – or ok, not that far away but still far up in the north, called Iceland ❄️ I was born and raised in the only city we have, Reykjavík.

I find it a bit challenging to pinpoint my main interests since they are very diverse - I’m a bit all over the place. When I am introduced to something new that I find exciting, I tend to go a bit overboard. Then a month later, I may be spending all my free time on something completely different. 


Where can you find me?

When I’m not working or studying, you can find me in various places. From sitting at home, knitting and listening to criminal stories 🧶📖 to exploring the mountains, either hiking or snowboarding 🏔️ Actually, the latter might not be relevant anymore since apparently there are no mountains here in Denmark. I even find it challenging to navigate between places in the city because you have no mountains here to guide you 🤔 

I have two sides: the creative and focused one that can sit alone for hours working on something, and the adventurous one who loves to travel and do sports.

The extroverted side of me really enjoys social activities. When it comes to planning something for social life, I am often quick to volunteer 🙋‍♀️ As a child and teenager, I was the kid who was always a member of the student council - you know the type (I hope the ones in your school were fun. If not, don’t judge me by them). 

I love working in an environment that puts a lot of effort into maintaining a good atmosphere, so everyone looks forward to coming to work. I expect nothing less from Umbraco! 💃 🕺

Thanks for taking this opportunity to get to know me better. I hope I get the opportunity to get to know you too! Cheers 🍻

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