A screenshot of Abdulaziz's GitHub showing colorful tabs all with names of different programming languages and programs he's tried

Abdulaziz the Office Binge-Watcher

Abdulaziz loves anime, games, and working out to hit his personal best.

Abdulaziz wearing a Nike hat and taking a selfie on an asphalt road with forest in the background
Written by Abdulaziz Al Otaibi

New COMA web developer Abdulaziz dabbles in a lot of creative areas - not only did he learn English from gaming at a young age, he lists all the programs and languages he's tried out on his GitHub. Abdulaziz will now be applying all these skills to Umbraco.com and helping take our web presence to higher heights 🚀

Hello there✌️

My name is Abdulaziz and I’m studying Web Development at UCL Odense. I got the exciting opportunity to intern at Umbraco as a Web Developer. 


My professional life

In addition to my current studies at UCL, I have a vocational education in Multimedia Design, from which I graduated in 2021. I also have the basic elementary and high school in the bag. 

Abdulaziz taking a selfie in a Nike hat against a forest background

I'm so excited to work with the delightful COMA team 🚀 It’s short for Communications and Online Marketing Astronauts 🧑‍🚀 Hopefully I will make some magic and get us many trips to the moon and beyond.

Here, I will work on new features, bug fixes, and improvements/maintenance for Umbraco.com and other Umbraco website-related projects.

I have a big passion for design, communication, and coding so I would say I'm a creative person. I have tried making pixel art, illustrations, website designs, and just a little bit of 3D modeling. I love creating but I never complete it because then I begin creating other stuff 😆 

A screenshot of GitHub with many colorful tabs showing Abdulaziz's skills

On my personal GitHub account, I always make sure I update the readme file that shows what I have worked with on my path of knowledge. I’ve learned a lot about design and communication and programming, and the top-up web development degree introduced me to a lot of other programming languages. 


A little about me 😋 

I’m from Horsens, which makes me a jyde aka jute in English. I was born in Iraq in 1997, lived there for 5 years of my life, and then moved to Denmark with my family in 2003. 

The only memories I have from living in Iraq are of me using a swing and hitting my head 😅, sleeping in a big room, and becoming afraid of dogs. As I got older, I began to see dogs as more friendly and my fear of dogs is now gone 🐶

An open hand holding a rectangular headshot of a young Abdulaziz with a keyboard in the background

I'm very energetic and love to be active. Sometimes you might think I'm doing stupid stuff, but I come with an overflow of energy you might call “zoomies” 😆

What I like to do

Outside of my studies I'm an active person. I love working out, gaming, and hanging with friends and family. 

I work out from time to time and love lifting heavy weights and listening to very very loud music🎚️🎶 This includes genres such as hardstyle, dubstep, rap, hip-hop, K-pop, and R&B. 

An illustration of a brown skinned face (no features) with the top of a suit showing
An illustration with a largely orange background and a bald man in a superhero cape standing in the middle

I would say that I'm very proud of my goals in bench press, leg press, squat and deadlift. Here’s my personal best aka PR 🏋️:

Bench press: 100 kg

Leg press: 400 kg 

Squat: 130 kg 

Deadlift: 180 kg  ← favorite lift

A laptop open at an angle showing a graphic design program and an illustration of a plane sitting on the base panel

I love games and my current roster of games includes Rocket League, League of Legends, and a bit of Valorant.

I'm a casual gamer and like to play with others, sometimes alone. The first video game I remember playing as a kid was  Mortal Kombat on Playstation 1 when I was about 4 years old.

Gaming was the hobby that helped me learn English from an early age. The beginning of my English learning was when my big brother introduced me to Runescape. Before I could play the game correctly I needed to have some knowledge of English, and once I had that, I was better than the other kids in elementary school at both the game and English. 

Other than gaming, I love to watch movies,  TV series, and anime. I have watched 42+ animes and The Office 4+ times. 


Favorite movie: 🤷

Favorite TV series: The Office (American version)

Favorite Anime: Death Parade


That’s all folks, have a good one 😉

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