Jesper Moller Jensen playing guitar outside with trees behind him

New Hire to Umbraco HQ: Jesper the Inventor

From gaming to gamedev to webdev... to acoustic guitar

Jesper Møller Jensen
Written by Jesper Møller Jensen

Our new frontend dev Jesper is a multipassionate creative. In his life, he plans to release - at least - an indie game, a web app, and acoustic EP 🎮📱🎵 From Slagelse, Denmark, Jesper studies Web Development at UCL and is channeling his innovative mindset into improving the backoffice for all our users 💪

Jesper Møller Jensen

Looking contemplatively into my future at Umbraco ;)

Hi, I'm Jesper, a computer scientist studying Web Development who likes to play music. I’ve lived in Odense for about 3 years, and damn, I love it here. It’s the perfect mix of big city life with tons of possibilities and the peace and quiet of a smaller town like the one I came from, Slagelse. Oh, and the dialect is quite charming.

At Umbraco, I'm the newest member of the frontend team. I’ll be coding away with the goal of making the Umbraco backoffice even better! 

I feel lucky to have such great teammates and mentors - I’ve already learned A TON, and I can't wait to dive deeper into the code and Umbraco community as a whole.

I first learned about Umbraco from an introductory course at UCL, where I study. A friend who works here recommended it to me, and it sounded like a great workspace and community. Now that I'm here, I can only agree! 🦄


Creative gaming

I have always been into gaming. I’ve played a ton of Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, but one day a friend of mine introduced me to a game called Garry's Mod. And boy, have I spent many hours in this “game.” 

Garry's Mod is basically a sandbox where you can make almost anything you want: hoverboards, helicopters, art exhibits, your own games, a magic closet that teleports you to another world (totally original) and even fully-functioning computers! ✨

The most fun part was to challenge my friends to a race to see who could make the best car from trash cans, sofas, and fridge doors. In this sense, your imagination is the only limit. 

I still didn't know how to code at this point, so I had to do all the “coding” within Garry’s Mod with physical logic chips. Want to add two numbers? Then you have to get out two constant chips, an add chip, a screen to show it on, and wire it all together... this quickly adds up, so all my builds had a big chipboard slapped on somewhere. Let’s just say I really envied the guys that could code, and just put it all in one little chip… 😅


From gaming to gamedev to webdev

After using Garry’s Mod for a while, I got into the idea of creating my own game. I started using Unreal Engine because it has a visual coding tool that made it easy to use. However, I still found coding intriguing (and I was also getting tired of the huge chipboards).

That’s when I started studying Computer Science in Odense, and quickly discovered that creating software and especially websites was really fun too! It was so exciting to see my ideas come to life through the computer 💻

I'm now studying Web Development and having a blast, always looking forward to learning new stuff and meeting other people. The combination of design and code is perfect for me.

When I’m not coding...

When I'm not typing away at the computer, I like to play and make music. I've done that since 6th grade where I saw the school band playing rock and thought it was really cool - especially the guy on guitar. While I used to play more rock, nowadays, I mostly do acoustic stuff.

Even though I'm not as active as before, I played a lot of football as a kid, so I'm always up for a game or two - and maybe a beer afterwards? 🍻

Jesper Moller Jensen playing guitar outside with trees behind him

I’m looking forward to going even deeper into the development world. So far, I've found out that I love making stuff, and a little indie game, a web app, and/or a song release is definitely something I’ll pursue. I might even go back and rebuild that hoverboard with just one chip... Hmm, we’ll see.

In the meantime, I'll see you around! 👋

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