Kristof And Jonas In Norway

New Hire to Umbraco HQ: Jonas the Japanophile

Handball player, keeper of plants and lover of different cuisines

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Written by Jonas Greve Wrobel

Hello there, everyone! My name is Jonas, I’m 27 years old, and I have the pleasure of being your new Office Management guru (OMG)!

I live by the harbor of Odense, which is right next to HQ, with my partner and all of our many plants (some are adopted but please, don’t tell them!).


Me and Umbraco

As the new OMG, I will be handling incoming invoices, controlling the payment flow from customers, helping with everyone's salaries amongst other fun things!

I wanted to work with accounting because of previous exposure through volunteering jobs where I did budgeting and reviewed yearly reports. Beforehand, I studied teaching in the Danish primary and lower secondary school, then worked as a warehouse assistant. It’s been quite a journey!

Jonas headshot

I had heard very little about Umbraco before my application, but the job ad had this je ne sais quoi where I couldn’t not send an application. I was thrilled when I was told I got the job - and ready to see where it will take me!


My life as a millennial

The many plants in Jonas' windowsill


Outside of work, you’ll probably find me trying to keep my plants alive, playing handball or enjoying different cuisines offered around Odense. My partner and I have really taken a liking to our Friendly Neighbourhood Italian pizza (Della Nonna), Indian food from Goa and ramen from Heat, meaning we just love carbs. 

I’ve been playing handball for almost 14 consecutive years, primarily as a goalkeeper. And yes, a handball hitting your head does indeed lower your mental capacity for a minute. But despite all of that and the occasional injury, it still holds some of the most fun and proudest memories I’ve had. 

My favorite memory from all my years of playing has to be when we managed to beat the reigning Danish champions by one goal in a small side-tournament. I was one of the key contributors to this victory. 

The euphoria afterward from all of the team and our families remains such a strong memory that keeps me striving to be better and aim to beat the best.


The enthusiast and the traveler

One of my really good friends at my current handball club introduced me to the world of craft beer, which is a wonderfully intriguing place. So far, some of the best beers we’ve had are either IPAs or sour ales, but I’m always open to more suggestions! 

To get my mind off things in this stressful day and age, I either pick up my controller at home and play some games on my Playstation or board games with my partner and friends. A favorite board game of mine is “Betrayal at the House on the Haunted Hill” as it always gives a different experience every time and has this roguelike dungeon-crawling quality to it. 

My partner and I are planning to travel to Japan in 2023, with preparations already underway. We started taking Japanese lessons, which is quite the struggle, but we’re managing with lots of practice and support from one another. 

Even though we already have a few things planned (hopefully Mt. Fuji), please feel free to tell me of your own experiences, if you’ve been there! Especially if it includes amazing, cheap food!


Kristof and Jonas in Norway


I’ll see you around HQ! Don’t be a stranger 😄

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