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Package Team Update | June 2020

What's the team been up to

Written by Jesper Mayntzhusen

Since their last update, the Package Team has released something quite awesome: UmbPack. A tool to make it easier for package developers to push updates automatically to their package on Our.Umbraco. In this update, you’ll, of course, be able to learn a lot more about UmbPack and then you’ll get to see (or re-see 😉) what the team shared during CodePatch:

Lots have happened since our latest update in April, so let’s talk about what’s new in the Package team!


For a while now I have been mentioning the “Umbraco CLI tool. It has now been released as a beta version for you all to try out. It is released under the name UmbPack 🎉

The idea behind the tool is to ease the work included when updating packages that are published on Our. With this tool it is now possible to deploy new versions of a package to Our directly from a command line or through a build pipeline.

You can read much more about what you can do with the tool in the documentation. We also encourage you to leave some feedback or help add features / fix issues on the open source UmbPack repository!

Last but not least, we want to thank the people who have already been trying it out and are using it to ease their workflows. If you want some inspiration on how to use UmbPack in a CI/CD pipeline we have some examples:

  • The FontAwesomeIconPack - Chris Houston has set up a Github Action that packages up the package files, increments the patch version and then deploys it to Our as the new current version. All done in a few lines of YAML!

  • The Umbraco Forms RTE - Matthew Wise has also set up a Github Action, it runs whenever you push a new release tag, grabs the version from the tag and packages the files in a zip with the version from the tag. Also pushed to both NuGet and Our!

We are very excited to get UmbPack out there and hope you will all use it and help build upon it! It is possible to make it do a lot more, and we hope you can all pitch in with ideas, PRs and feedback on GitHub to help us improve!

Follow the Umbraco Package Team Twitter account!

Inspired by the amazing Umbraco Accessibility Team, we have made a Twitter account for the  Package team to make it easier for you all to contact and follow updates from the Package Team.

We will, of course, continue to share information in both these blog posts and the Package Newsletter, but this will make it easier for us to share news quickly!

Community catchup at CodePatch

The Package Team participated in the recent CodePatch event, and we talked a bit about the team, our progress so far and what our plans and goals for the future are.

You can rewatch the session below or on the Umbraco Community Youtube channel.

Until next time!

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