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Updates in the Umbraco Documentation

Sofie is on a mission to make the Umbraco Documentation more delightful and straightforward.

Sofie Blogpost
Written by Sofie Toft Kristensen

Where to start? When it comes to the Umbraco documentation there’s a lot of places I could choose to start. But then I thought - where can I make the most impact the fastest and easiest? Umbraco Cloud. So that’s what I’ve been tidying and improving recently - and oh boy, looking at it now, the structure is much friendlier and easier to follow (not to toot my own horn too loudly 😉 )

Cloudy Cloud, Clear Cloud!

Since my last blog post about documentation, I’ve mainly been working with the Umbraco Cloud chapter.

Why Cloud? you might ask.

Well, this is the product I have the most knowledge about, and therefore also the chapter I could impact the most as a start (for those of you who are not aware of this, I am a proud member of the Umbraco Cloud support team 😉so why not start with what you know, right? ).


We have a ton of documentation about Umbraco Cloud already, but in my opinion it’s always been a bit messy. I’ve spent the past weeks trying to fix this, and I’m really happy with the final result - I hope you like it too!


What has been updated

The entire ‘Getting Started’ chapter of the Umbraco Cloud section has gotten a complete make-over. I’ve rearranged the information, divided long articles into smaller articles, etc.


Here’s a quick overview of the changes:


  • In the Getting Started article, you’ll now get an overview of what Umbraco Cloud is and how you get started with a project

  • New Article: Project Overview - Get to know the basics of what an Umbraco Cloud project consists of

  • New Article: Environments - A more technical overview of the environments on your Umbraco Cloud project

  • New Article: The Umbraco Cloud Portal - Learn how easy it is to configure various settings on your project - all in one place!


Aside from restructuring the Getting Started chapter, I’ve also cleaned up the Set-up article, and written a few new articles to that chapter as well:


  • The Set-up article has been cleaned up - I’ve moved a lot of the content to other articles where it makes more sense

  • New Article: Project Settings - Here you can read all about the various settings you can configure on your project from the Umbraco Cloud Portal

  • New Article: Manage Domains - Details about how to add domains and security certificates to your project


The flow of the Umbraco Cloud chapter now makes a lot more sense, and it should be way easier to find what you are looking for. However, if you find that something is missing in this chapter, please do let me know.


That’s it for now. In two weeks time I’ll be back with another documentation update, where I’ll also give you a simple little guide on how you can help me keep the documentation up to date!

Sofie Doc

- Sofie 😄

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