Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sofie's Docs Diary Vol. 5: Manual upgrades and a little surprise...

New Umbraco Cloud documentation

I’ve made quite a few new articles regarding Umbraco Cloud. Mainly related to how you can manually upgrade your Umbraco Cloud project, but also a little bit of GDPR related stuff.

Check it out:

Technical Contact

GDPR is just around the corner, and as you probably already know, we’ve been hard at work here at Umbraco HQ getting everything ready!

One of my contributions to this is an article about how you can add a technical contact to your Umbraco Cloud project. A technical contact is someone who we can contact when we do maintenance on our servers or other things related to the hosting. This is a requirement, so if you have Umbraco Cloud projects, hurry up and add your technical contact… with this guide it’s done within two minutes 😉

Manually Upgrading your Cloud project

Here you go; four new articles about how you can upgrade your Umbraco Cloud project manually. You might have read my latest Cloud blog post about Auto-upgrades on how easy it is to make sure your project is always running the latest and greatest Umbraco version. These new articles are about how you can also upgrade your Cloud projects manually if you want to test it out locally first:

📝 Manually Upgrading your Cloud project >>

📝 Manually upgrading the CMS >>

📝 Manually upgrade Umbraco Courier / Deploy >>

📝 Product Dependencies >>

When you are doing manual upgrades on a Cloud project you need to be aware of the dependencies that exists between the various products - CMS, Forms, Courier / Deploy. I’ve written a short article about these dependencies.


Of course that’s not all that has happened on the Docs since last. Have a look at these fresh new numbers:

Numbers April

Me and my fellow Documentation Curators are currently focussing on the Issue Tracker - trying to get the number down and clearing out some of the really old issues on there.

Do you have some extra time on your hands? And do you feel like contributing? Why not take a look at the Issue Tracker - there might be something on there you feel like taking a swing it!

Are you going to Codegarden ‘18?

… If you are, then I have some exciting news to share with you.

Guess who’s doing her very first Codegarden talk ever!?

SURPRISE - Yup, I am 😁! And I’m going to talk about how it’s been working with the Umbraco Documentation since I started back in August last year.

SofieMe getting a tiny bit of practise for CG18 at the Umbraco DK meetup.

On Day 3 of Codegarden we - me and my fellow Documentation Curators; Marc Goodson, Damiaan Peeters and Jeavon Leopold - are also planning on putting “Documentation” on as a topic for the BarCamp. We would love to hear what all of you think about the approach we’ve taken with the Documentation and perhaps you even have some great ideas about how we could do it in the future?

Pssst… if you haven’t got your Codegarden ticket yet, make sure to get it ASAP as of Tuesday 20:00 CEST the tickets will hit the full price of €700…. Right now you get a full 3-day Codegarden ticket for just €625!

So, hope to see you - next month! 😃

That’s all for me for today


- Sofie 😊

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