The MVP and Umbraco Award Show is coming!

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Written by Shanice Dougan

Finally! 🙌 The time is near for us to get together and celebrate all the hard work of the previous year. It may not be in the way that we once expected and hoped, but we’re doing everything we can to make it just as awesome. Just like at Codegarden, we’re spending "day 1", May 27th, celebrating the 2020 Umbraco MVPs and the Umbraco Award winners - and we've made sure you can join the festivities!

May 27th. 

That’s the day that was supposed to kick off the highlight of the year. 

But the corona crisis stops for no one, and now that we’re here, there was no way Codegarden could have gone ahead. However, it doesn’t make it any less painful 💔

Nonetheless, we still want to share those special Codegarden vibes and Umbraco spirit with you in any way we can!

For years, Codegarden has begun with a huge celebration of our community, rewarding the new and renewed Umbraco MVP (Most Valuable People). Day 1 has also been about showcasing the best and most innovative Umbraco-based projects at the Umbraco Awards 🏆

In a way, this year is no different - we’ve seen some incredible work, impressive community initiatives and great new projects being made, and we want to celebrate that, and the people behind these, just like every other year!

Plus, there’s been enough of being so far apart, that we should be together in any way we can. So let’s get together and celebrate the Umbraco-way - virtually! 🎉

Circle May 27th on your calendars again - because the Umbrao MVPs and the Umbraco Awards livestreams are happening!

How you can join the celebrations 🎉

May 27th is going to be a day of celebrations starting off with the 2020 MVP announcement at 11 AM CEST where both new and renewed Umbraco MVP will be revealed and given their well-deserved title.

And at 4 PM CEST it's all about those impressive Umbraco solutions, as the Umbraco Award show will reveal the 2020 Award winners 🏆

Both shows will be lived streamed on YouTube and last between 30 - 60 mins. Want to join the festivities? Fantastic - then you'd better add these live stream links to your calendar right away:

We really hope to see you there! Who knows - maybe you're one of the lucky winners? Or maybe you know someone? Or maybe you want to get inspired by hearing and seeing what it takes to become either an MVP or an Umbraco Award winner.

One thing's for sure - it's going to be a blast! 🎉 


The great thing about it being livestreamed is that we can ALL share in the excitement of the Awards, regardless of where you are in the world! 

What’s different this year?

The 2020 Awards and MVP announcement will be a little different than you might remember. Some changes were implemented before the cancellation of Codegarden, and others because of it. 

The Umbraco Awards

2020 Jury will be community AND HQ members

Remember we said that the jury for the 2020 Umbraco Awards would just be HQ members? Well, we decided that we should meet in the middle - and have a mix! So here is your 2020 jury (btw - no point in trying to butter them up as the decision has already been made 😉):

Emma Garland - Senior Software Engineer at Rock Solid Knowledge

Ebba Burenius - Business Director at Limetta

Andreas van Amerongen - Senior Project Manager at The Valley

Anders Trans Sørensen - Major Friend Maker at Umbraco

Martin Wülser Larsen - OCD at Umbraco

Shorter ceremony, less categories

As we’ve switched the ceremony to an online format, we don’t have as much time as we usually do. Therefore we’ve cut the categories down from 10 to 7 so the remaining categories are:

  • Best Cloud Solution 
  • Best Custom Solution
  • Best Editing Experience
  • Best Designed Site
  • Best Gold Partner Solution
  • Best Certified Partner Solution 
  • Umbraco Jury's Choice Award

The MVP awards

Community-nominated MVPs

This year, the selection of the 2020 Umbraco MVPs have been based on nominations submitted by the community, your own friends and colleagues! A lot of great initiatives are happening across the Umbraco community and that's why we decided to open up for nominations in order to help us discover some MVP-worthy initiatives and people who Umbraco HQ might not be aware of. Thank you and #H5YR to everyone who's sent in a nomination!

You can watch it again and again and again...

We'll make sure that both live streams get recorded to you can watch or re-watch it on YouTube as many times as you like. This also makes it easier to share with colleagues and friends or on social media if you like. Since the Award show has never been recorded before and since the MVP announcement never has had a dedicated show - this is indeed a first! 


What's staying the same?


We’re still celebrating the joy of watching people and agencies going the extra mile and creating something inspirational. Like always, we’ll be getting together to appreciate how extraordinary our community is! 

You will still be an Umbraco MVP!

The MVP award is a testament to the efforts and dedication of the main community contributors who embody the values of Umbraco and love sharing knowledge and giving back - and that hasn’t changed! 

This translates into being friendly in the forum, making incredible and highly useful packages, submitting pull-requests, starting a new initiative that helps the existing community members as well as the newcomers, and much more.

Becoming an MVP or an Award winner is just as fun

While we won’t be able to hand the winners their MVP/Award statuette and diploma in person, we will make sure they are shipped! That way, the winners can still show off - maybe even on Twitter with #UmbracoMVP2020 😉. Plus, as an Umbraco MVP, you'll be entitled to a list of cool benefits as a way of us showing our appriciation. 

The fun and joy of winning is of course also found in the many high-fives and congratulations given by your peers in the Umbraco community - usually, that happens in person at Codegarden, but since that's not possible this year, we hope you're still up for sharing a #H5YR and a virtual cheer on Twitter, Facebook, email etc. to the winners 🙌 This is how you can help make this a celebration to remember! 


So let’s recap…

On Wednesday the 27th May (that's next week already!), we’ll be streaming the 2020 Umbraco MVP show at 11 AM CEST and the Umbraco Awards show at 4 PM CEST - make sure to add this to your calendar! 

Don’t forget to join the celebration on social media and give a virtual cheer 🙌 We will be posting updates from our Twitter feed @Umbraco and will use the hashtags #UmbracoAwards2020 #UmbracoMVP2020 #Umbraco for these festivities - feel free to use these hashtags as well 🙏

So get your bottle of champagne and confetti ready - May 27th is going to be an explosion of #Umbraco greatness - and we hope you'll join in!

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