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Make things go away

...aka “The right to be forgotten”

Kim Sneum Madsen (1)
Written by Kim Sneum Madsen

This is the latest update on Umbraco and our GDPR initiatives. This fourth update is all about two “rights”; the right to port data and the right to be erased, forgotten, wiped away. Sound uncomfortable, but as you know, when it comes to our personal data, it’s quite reassuring that we have options and rights. Kim will tell you all about what this means to Umbraco and our users:

We all know the feeling. A joke that went wrong. A game of bingo that went wrong. A flipped car that should have remained unflipped. If only I could turn back time or second best; make it go away, let it be forgotten.

Now you can make things go away.

Well, at least something. Now you have the right to be forgotten - data wise (in some situations) and you have the right to have data ported (in some situations)...

As with so many others, we have had to study and understand the two rights assigned to individuals with respect to GDPR. Law is not an exact science so others may choose other words or have different views. Find here how we interpret the two rights and further, how we as a company will comply to these should you want to be forgotten by Umbraco.


Find all our GDPR related information and blog posts on our dedicated GDPR page


Imagine what the right to be forgotten had meant for the plot in “Fatal Attraction”. My guess is there would have been no Academy Award to Glenn Close 🤔

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