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The Umbraco Awards 2018 summed up in a single blog post

Martin Wülser Larsen
Written by Martin Wülser

This year's Codegarden was truly an amazing experience. We did everything in our power to make every single part of Codegarden better than last year. This also goes for the Umbraco Awards. This year we wanted to have more categories open for submission, a bigger show and an exhilarating drumroll. Hundreds of Umbraco users from around the world had sent us their impressive projects. But only 10 could call themselves the worthy winners of an Umbraco Award 2018:

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Last year we set out to make the Umbraco Awards more festive as the awards really is a celebration of the great solutions - all the nominated and, of course, the winners.


This year we took the things that worked from Codegarden 17, and tried to improve on them, and add a little “pizzazz” on top.


So we made the show longer, gave the video presentations even more love than last year and upped the number of winning categories to 10. 


And in the last minutes leading up to the award show, we added a drumroll between “And the winner is…” and the announcement of the winner. A drumroll that, to be honest, sounded quite a lot different when I first listened to it on my tiny laptop speakers then when it was blasted out through the massive CG18 speakers. Oh well, that’s show business, and it sure did add suspense and a kind of “pizzazz” to the entire ceremony 😉


But enough about that. The really important part is the winners:


Umbraco Award for Best Cloud Solution

GORM Agency A/S with the site

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

The site is implemented on a baseline built by Umbrella for Carlsberg and is a beautiful, module-based solution that helps give the editor full control of the content while the design remain solid.


Umbraco Award for Best Custom Solution

Perplex Internetmarketing with the Mercedes-Benz Private lease platform

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

This is a highly customized Umbraco solution that is impressively integrated with external systems to deliver a great customer experience. In all ways a beautiful and complete project.


Umbraco Award for Best Editing Experience

Perplex Internetmarketing with the site:

See all the nominees:

The Jury Said:

Perplex have created a great editor experience and really shows off the flexibility of Umbraco to suit editor's requirements. This project take the editors work damn serious and put the written word in focus. Great use of competitive elements for encouraging editors to improve the quality of their work.

Umbraco Award for Best Designed Site

Novicell with the site:

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

Beautiful and clean design with a user experience that feels more like a interactive presentation than an actual website.

It is not often that we see such beautiful sites displaying well across all screen sizes.

Umbraco Award for Best New Tech

Compent with Shamballa Jewels

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

An inspiring way of using Umbraco. it is impressive to see how the intuitive 3D jewelry designer connects to a huge complicated system, while still being simple to use and looking great.

Award Winners

Umbraco Package Award

Outfield Digital with Fluidity

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

A super useful package to make developer's life easier. A very popular package within the umbraco community already. Great package simplifying and reducing the amount of work needed to integrate an external data source with Umbraco.


Umbraco Award for Best Case Study

Council of the European Union, with the site:

See all the nominees

The jury said:

Very complex solution to a very complex scenario of having a multitude of countries and languages supported in one site, while still allowing editors to stay sane while attempting to manage all of this content. This was a really great case study to show how much can be done with Umbraco, extending with community packages and also some custom changes to optimise the editor experience. Impressive project, that makes complexity work.


Umbraco Award for Best Gold Partner Solution

DIS/PLAY with the site:

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

A great example of design and user experience melting together into a great looking, and user friendly site. The editing experience is really well thought through and that helps create better content and a site that works really well for the visitor.


Umbraco Award for Best Certified Partner Solution

Site Point GmbH with the site:

See all the nominees:

The jury said:

Great example of how you can customize Umbraco to restaurant owners. Impressive customizations of backoffice with development of specific modules allowing for easy management of various features needed by their clients.


This Project contains so many different and great features, that brings lot's of value to the users.


Umbraco Jury's Choice Award

Novicell with

See all the nominees:


The Jury said:

Impressive and comprehensive use of cutting edge technologies deeply integrated with Umbraco to achieve unique performance results.

Umbraco Award Jury


Thank you for your contributions

Thank you to everyone who submitted their solutions to the awards! The solutions were very impressive and the amount of work put into the videos, images and texts describing the solution has been magnificent.

We hope to see even more great submissions for next years award show. And remember, quoting the award winning Pete Duncanson,: "Once an Umbraco Award winner, always an Umbraco Award winner!".

PS: Pictures of the handsome winners can be found on our Umbraco Flickr account

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