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Written by Eleftheria Tsatsi

Codegarden, the biggest gathering of the global Umbraco community, is only 41 days away 🤩 This year, our annual conference is virtual and open to all - and we can now announce a whole bunch of great speakers! We know for a fact that oh so many excited HQers can't wait to share their talks with you 🧠 So, what can you look forward to hearing at Codegarden 2021? What will you learn and discover?  Bjarke, Elitsa, Filip, Emma, Sebastiaan, and Andy are here to share with you what their Codegarden talks will be about 👇

Time flies and our virtual Codegarden seems to be right around the corner 🤩 And we’re thrilled that folks from all over the world can join us on June 9 - 11 for free, from the comfort of their home (or office, or home office... 🤓).  

We’ve got some great, stimulating content planned for you, and today, some lovely Umbraco HQers are sharing with you what their Codegarden talks will be all about - so that you know what you can look forward to 🙌 Take a peek:


Bjarke Berg, Senior Developer, and Elitsa Marinovska, Software Developer, can’t wait to tell you all about Umbraco 9 - the next major version. Let’s dive further into the talk they’ve prepared for you. 

Bjarke Mikkelsen Berg

Elitsa Marinovska

''Umbraco 9 is the next major version of Umbraco. Even though it is a technical update of the entire backend code, it will look and feel exactly like Umbraco 8. Important changes are happening and we can’t wait to tell you all about them.

Microsoft's web framework has undergone a huge transformation with the introduction of ASP.NET Core on which Umbraco 9 is based. This talk will show developers how to benefit from this new powerful framework while still keeping to the well-known Umbraco usage.

The key takeaways from this talk will be the information you need to start working with Umbraco 9, the benefits of using Umbraco 9 over Umbraco 8, as well as how easy it is to get started using Umbraco 9.''


Filip Bech-Larsen is a Program Manager at Umbraco HQ, and one of his talks at Codegarden 2021 will be about future-proofing the Backoffice

''Backoffice is a big reason why both editors and developers LOVE Umbraco. But technically it is a bit challenged and outdated. Come hear all about what will happen to our beloved Umbraco Backoffice and why we need to change it. We will also talk about how the change will happen, and how you can get involved.''


Emma Burstow, Developer Advocate, and Sebastiaan Janssen, Community Contributions Steward, will share with you what's new, now, and next on the issue tracker.

''We're so looking forward to our session exploring the work we have been doing on and around the issue tracker and how that empowers our contributors and, in turn, our users. The issue tracker might not be the most glamorous of places but we like to see it as a bridge between the developers out in the wild working with Umbraco and those at HQ working on Umbraco. It is at the very heart of any good open source project. 

Expect insights into processes and a look at how we built the dashboards that support them. Learn a little more about how we prioritize and categorize the issues that come in and how you can help steer the product roadmap with your contributions. Finally, get a sneak peek at the changes you can look forward to that will help streamline the contributor experience further.''


Andy Butland, Senior Developer, can't wait to provide you with valuable insights on Umbraco Deploy On-Premises 👇

''It's not sufficient to install Umbraco Deploy from NuGet and have a complete deployment pipeline out of the box, rather it's a product that works when configured as part of a Ci/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) pipeline. In my Codegarden session, I'm going to talk through a setup using popular tools for these build and deployment tasks.

I'll also discuss and demonstrate how Umbraco Deploy can be extended for other uses. It's not uncommon for package or website developers to require additional data available in an Umbraco solution, managed via the back-office but stored other than as Umbraco content, perhaps in custom database tables. Umbraco Deploy can be utilized for deployment of this data too, using available customization points.''


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We hope you enjoyed the above as a small taste of what’s to become an amazing, memorable, virtual Codegarden!

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And remember, the above was just a small sample of all the talented speakers - keep track of all the Codegarden 2021 speakers on the official Codegarden website

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