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Umbraco MVPs 2019 announced

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Written by Kristina Liebute

This just in! On the main stage of Codegarden 2019, Umbraco Chief Unicorn Niels Hartvig has just announced 14 new and 32 renewed Most Valuable People (MVPs) from the Umbraco community. Each got an official award and a loud applause by over 700 Codegarden attendees! You'll see the full list of winners below, as well as find out even more MVP-related news:

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2019 Umbraco MVPs are:

Anthony Dang

Frederik Raabye

Heather Floyd

Hendy Racher

Henk Boelman

Ismail Mayat

Kenn Jacobsen

Laura Weatherhead

Lucy Brailsford

Mike Masey

Poornima Nayar

Søren Gregersen

Søren Kottal

Steve Temple




2019 Umbraco MVPs Renewals are:

Alex Skrypnyk

Anders Bjerner

Andy Butland

Bjarne Fyrstenborg

Callum Whyte

Carole Logan

Chriztian Steinmeier

Damiaan Peeters

Dan Booth

Dave Woestenborghs

Emma Burstow

Emma Garland

Erica Quessenberry

Jan Skovgaard

Janae Cram

Jeavon Leopold

Jeffrey Schoemaker

Kevin Jump

Kyle Weems

Lars-Erik Aabech

Lee Kelleher

Lotte Pitcher

Marc Goodson

Marcin Zajkowski

Matt Brailsford

Nathan Woulfe

Nik Rimington

Owain Williams

Paul Seal

Paul Sterling

Peter Gregory

Ravi Motha

H5YR to all!

The contribution of MVPs in the Umbraco-verse is immeasurable - be it by submitting pull requests to improve our products, organizing Umbraco meetups or festivals, being helpful and friendly towards other Umbracians. A massive H5YR to all!

Remember that you can actually find the full (including previous years) MVP list on Our Umbraco. Note that the 2019 MVPs will be added to the list later on.

And now, about those MVP-related news... 

MVPs are no longer categorized

You may have noticed that the MVPs are no longer categorized. Why? In the last years, we learned that what makes an MVP cannot be put into a box or a specific category or way of contributing. All the MVPs have contributed in multiple and different ways and we want to be able to honor their efforts without putting a tag on them. Therefore, all categories will also be removed from Our.

You'll be able to nominate an MVP

Super exciting news! The nomination for new MVPs will be open to the public in 2020. So Umbraco community members will get the chance to nominate the future Most Valuable People as well ❤️

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