Monday, October 8, 2018

Umbraco Sweden Festival 2018

Last year’s festival was such a big hit - and on the 16th of November the Umbraco Sweden Festival is back!

We are very excited here at Webmind, and this year the festival is going to be even bigger and better with fourteen different speakers, great venues, networking opportunities, good food, drinks and parties.

This is an Umbraco-event you don’t want to miss and if you haven’t already secured your tickets - get your tickets right here.

Swedish festival 2017Niels Hartvig, founder of Umbraco, at the Umbraco Sweden Festival 2017 - clearly loving Sweden ;)

What will happen and who’s coming?

In addition to the high-quality tech talks, this year we will offer a business track with lectures on e-commerce management and brand building. We have speakers coming from all over the world, or at least all over Europe. So far we have booked speakers from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the UK, and there are more to come. Most of the talks will be in English and we are hoping to get to network, mingle and learn with Umbraco-lovers from all over!

We have managed to get several members from Umbraco HQ to speak at the festival, and none other than the Chief Unicorn, the Umbraco Founder, Niels Hartvig himself, is one of our Keynote speakers.

Our other Keynote speaker is Martin Sandvad from Ucommerce.

The festival will present a total of fourteen different speakers who all have very interesting topics!

To find out exactly who is speaking and when visit

New Umbraco skills (with a very exclusive 50% off!)

Umbraco TrainingJoin fellow Umbracians and learn all the very best practises in Umbraco Cloud from an HQ specialist 

If the festival in itself is not enough to convince you that a trip to Gothenburg is worth your while, we would like to point out that Umbraco HQ is offering the brand new 1-day training course: 
Umbraco Cloud Developer  for the first time live here in Gothenburg on the 15thof November (the day before the festival). 

And anyone who is attending Umbraco Sweden Festival gets a very exclusive 50% discount off the course fee (€800  €400)! This means that you can attend the training, festival, parties and visit the beautiful city of Gothenburg, all for less than the full price of the regular cost of this course.

This is an opportunity too good to pass on!

And then it’s super simple to get your hands on, simply buy your festival ticket and you’ll then receive a discount code that gives you 50% discount off the course (that’s a €400 saving!)


Who’s the host?

WebmindThe Webmind team celebrating becoming an Umbraco Gold Partner with style 

If you are curious about Webmind, let us tell you a little bit about ourselves. We are a web agency founded in 2004 that specializes in Umbraco and e-commerce. In 2014 we found, and fell in love with Umbraco, and has since then managed to become an Umbraco Gold Partner. We are also a Ucommerce Power House.

We started hosting Meetups a few years back, and as the Meetups grew it eventually lead to us hosting the first ever Umbraco Sweden Festival last year. If you want to know more about Webmind you are welcome to visit or look us up on Facebook or LinkedIn.

We are very excited to host this year's Umbraco Sweden Festival and we are looking forward to learning, networking and celebrating with all of you fellow Umbraco-lovers!


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