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uProfile August 2022: Yoana Vuchkova

Yoana is a Business Developer at Umbraco agency Klevret, and she loves being a part of the Community!

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Written by Yoana Vuchkova

Still reeling from attending Codegarden this summer, Business Developer Yoana is thankful for the Community that she feels like such a part of. Get to know her on this month's uProfile...

Yoana Vuchkova

Company name: Klevret 

Role: Business Developer

Country/region: Bulgaria

Currently reading: The Great Gatsby

Yoana stands with her hands casually in her pockets, next to the Codegarden sign.

Meet Yoana

I’ve been working with Klevret since it came into existence, and Klevret have almost always been working with Umbraco - so I've been working with it for quite some time, around a decade! Alongside that I’m currently working towards finishing off my Bachelor’s degree at the American University in Bulgaria.

I have my little tricks to make sure I receive everything I want from life, or from a person. Of course, hard work is a prerequisite for receiving anything at all, and my little tricks are just a little dash of seasoning. If I could have any superpower, it would be to be able to change people’s mindset in controversial situations because sometimes their deep-rooted understanding hinders them from advancing further. This could spare a lot of pain and excruciating circumstances in our lives.

If I could be an animal, I’d be an owl (😀) because I pay attention to details and I am super observant. Also, I am quiet and deeply concentrated on the task. I don’t speak much, but when I do, I always share truthful and valuable knowledge.

Yoana and her colleague Ljupcho's Codegarden passes, on top of a Klevret hoodie.

Codegarden 2022 was a blast

Klevret and Umbraco

LJ and Meto (Klevret’s founders) have been actively engaging with Umbraco for around 13 years now. Back then, there were 2-3 websites made on Umbraco (version 4-something I think) that we needed to support, and that was our first close encounter with the CMS, with some XSLTs, and macros... Several years later Umbraco 7 came along, and from there we engaged very intensively in the whole Umbraco eco-system.

Becoming the first Umbraco Certified Partner in Bulgaria was a huge moment for us, and the experience that we had with the wider community - the hospitality and the openness - pleasantly surprised us.

With the Umbraco Community, you feel involved with people with a great mindset. You work together for the common good and work feels like such a pleasant experience.


Top tips for Umbraco newbies

  1. Be open-minded and feel free to speak your mind because this is the most friendly community.
  2. Play “All In” with Umbraco as I guarantee you will never be bored with such a fun team.
  3. Make sure never to miss a Codegarden event. I attended for the first time in 2019, and it really was a one-of-a-kind experience.
Yoana's Umbraco Bingo card is filled out as she plays along. On a sheet of paper on the side, there are some doodles.

The infamous Umbraco Bingo

On the radar

My main priority right now is contributing to Klevret’s long-term goals, and afterwards I will do my best to enhance my career path. I really see myself doing my Masters in Italy two or three years from now. I have great memories from Italy including an octopus dish on top of the beautiful Vico Equense.

Aside from that, owning and taking care of a bunch of horses is so on top of the bucket list 😀


Stay in touch!

You can reach me on Instagram, and on LinkedIn.


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