Thursday, November 1, 2018

uProfile November 2018: Alan Mac Kenna

Working for:  I wear two hats – & Fort Privacy - merging the worlds of Web Development & Data Protection.

Role:  Development & Data Protection Consultant

Country:  Ireland

Time working with Umbraco: Since version 4… feeling old!


Your favourite Umbraco moment?

There’s been a few and mostly they happen when I go to events - like UK Fest & attending the hackathon last year, going to Codegarden or most recently - Umbraco Poland Festival. Meeting people in the flesh who I have a lot of respect for and whose work I admire, having a beer, talking Umbraco and feeling the passion of others to move the product and all those who are involved with it forward.

Poland FestHanging out with fellow Umbracians at the Poland Umbraco Festival 2018

Another noteworthy moment – the wackiest Chinese meal ever with Paul Seal.

What in your Umbraco career are you most proud of?

I’m quite proud of a project where our team worked on a tricky recruitment CRM integration with Umbraco. There were a lot of moving parts and it all came together seamlessly, making the lives of those using it much easier – result!

What are you currently working on?

I’ve been doing a fair bit of work in the data protection & recruitment web implementation space over the last few years - building on my development background and broadening out into data protection and compliance.  I work with a great team at Fort Privacy, helping companies navigate the muddy waters of regulations like the GDPR. My choice for developing web solutions to meet compliance needs?... hello Umbraco!

What are your top 3 best tips for an Umbraco newbie?

  1. Get involved
  2. Ask questions
  3. Persist – it’s worth it!

UKfestThe hackathon at the Umbraco UK festival 2017


Any aspirations for your future?

I’d like to see a bigger Umbraco footprint here in Ireland and have been working on getting an Umbraco meetup off the ground with the help of the wonderful Umbraco community.

Fancy a great Guinness (pro tip – we keep the best for ourselves!) and a friendly Umbraco chat? – come and say hello! We’re kicking off with a bang November 29th with some familiar community faces helping to cut the ribbon.

If you’re interested in coming along and maybe even contributing to a future Umbraco event here in Dublin, be sure to get in touch!

What series are you watching now?

Fargo… I’m playing some serious catch-up! If you haven’t seen it - watch the movie first! Truth be told… I’m biding my time until the new Game of Thrones lands!

Tell us something unexpected about yourself?

I once jumped around the world – here’s a slice of proof:

Alan Jumping

Do you have a hidden talent?

Yes, but it’s so well hidden I haven’t found it yet 😊


A massive H5YR to Alan 😀! If you’d like to connect with Alan, you can find him on Twitter: @alanmackenna and on LinkedIn: 

And don't forget to sign up for the new meetup in Dublin, Ireland on the 29th of November.



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