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Want to share your wisdom at Codegarden 2021?

Call for speakers is now open! 🔊

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Written by Eleftheria Tsatsi

Have you heard? Codegarden, the biggest international Umbraco conference in the world, is happening virtually this year - and we’re so thrilled! It’s where current and future Umbracians from all around the world can connect, share ideas, and attend great sessions 🤩 Maybe you’ve got some great insights that you’d like to share on Codegarden’s (virtual) stage? Then you should submit a talk and become a speaker at the friendliest virtual conference on earth 💙! 

Got something brilliant to share? 

Do you have an inspiring Umbraco case you’d like to share with others?

Perhaps you’ve built a clever package?

Or maybe you have an editor set-up that’s made your client send you chocolate and tons of gushing compliments?

Maybe you’ve discovered a new way of working that’s completely changed your life?

We want to hear all about it! 


Submit your talk


We are looking for inspiring talks for our virtual conference, Codegarden 2021, taking place on June 10th - 11th

The "Call for Speakers" is now open, so if you have a great idea, dream about taking the stage and feel the rush of sharing your knowledge with peers, then make sure to submit your talk before March 15th. Yes, you’ve got some time to submit, but you know how time flies - and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity, do you? 😉


We’re looking for a broad range of topics!

To make the virtual Codegarden 2021 program as diverse, interesting and relevant as possible, we are looking for a wide range of topics to accommodate the various attendees, including back-enders, front-enders, business owners, editors, marketers, and all other enthusiastic Umbraco users.

So if you’re thinking, “Oh, I’m not an Umbraco developer, so this is not relevant for me,” hold on just another moment! 

Take a peek at the various speaker themes we’re looking for, and see if your idea/special knowledge fits one of them 👇


👉 Business 

Your talk targets sales, marketing and project managers that might have little or no technical background. The presentation is focused on case studies and enhancing client communication.


👉 The Developer Life

Your talk focuses on learning experiences and sharing ideas and stories that are engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking. The talk can cover career stories that inspire the audience and leave them with practical and actionable takeaways. 


👉 Creative 

Your talk targets web designers and web developers. The audience can expect design-focused talks that might contain HTML, JavaScript, or CSS, but none (or very little) .NET code.


👉 Technical 

Your talk targets .NET developers, DevOps with a strong focus on code and the technical part of working with Umbraco. The talk delves into Umbraco and will give any developer an edge in the fast-moving world of the friendly CMS.


If you have a talk or an idea you think will fit one of the topics above (or know someone who does), then please don’t hesitate to submit (and share the opportunity widely)! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say 🙏


Read more and submit your talk

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