Meet and great our new Gold Partner Capgemini Sogeti!

We welcome on board an international digital service provider with 50 years of experience

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Impressed with the maturity of technology in the latest version of Umbraco an international digital service provider Capgemini Sogeti decided they will go “all in” and became our Gold Partner. “I think that the combination of an international software development house like Capgemini Sogeti and an open source rising star like Umbraco is a golden opportunity to get the best of both worlds,” says Adam Osbirk Moe, Team Manager of Web & Portals at Capgemini Sogeti in Denmark. Let’s get introduced!

Hello, we’re Capgemini Sogeti

Just recently we celebrated our 50th birthday. We are a traditional software development company with close to 200 thousand employees in 40 countries all over the world. Capgemini Sogeti works with a vast range of technologies helping clients to fulfill their digital ambitions.

In Denmark we have traditionally been seen as an software development and integration partner, a very technical enterprise company with focus on applications and integration, on enterprise architecture, on testing, on IT governance and alike.

However, the last 10 years we’ve been engaging more with web development. That eventually led to establishing a dedicated Web & Portals unit with me as a team manager. Our expertise range from UX to integration and backend.

Capgemini Sogeti provides IT consulting services in application development, integration, testing and quality assurance as well as application maintenance. We work with digital services, e-business, portal, website marketing and CRM.

Our web development projects typically range from 70 euros to a 700 thousand euros. So it can be smaller websites or large scale projects that aim to transform a business digitally.

We love tackling end-to-end solutions and we love Umbraco

Ever since we started developing solutions based on Umbraco, we discovered that some of the functionality and some of Umbraco strengths are very impressive compared to other CMSs that have a much more commercial approach.  

We love that Umbraco focuses on giving a good user experience, on creating a digital platform where content editors can work strategically.

Especially in the latest versions of Umbraco we see a very high degree of maturity within this area of focusing into being a full-blown CMS with a very dedicated approach on how to easily edit content.

So we are very pleased with the progress Umbraco has made and we want to contribute to that. Which brings us to the decision of becoming a Gold Partner.

“While other CMSs tend to focus on commerce and a very broad range of tools and assets that surround the actual workaround, we see that Umbraco is more “pure” - it simply wants to be a Content Management System, period,” Adam Osbirk Moe, Team Manager of Web & Portals, Capgemini Sogeti

All of the reasons behind our golden decision

When Web & Portals started out, we decided on a number of activities that we wanted to engage in to make sure that we were delivering the best possible quality. We could see that by becoming a Gold Partner we can actually fulfill these activities and secure the best possible quality when delivering our projects.

Being an Umbraco Gold Partner also helps us to make sure that all the corners and small secrets are discovered early on in the development phase, which in return awards us with solid solutions.

Umbraco enables us, especially judging on how its products evolved recently, to deliver some really cool websites. And we think that the combination of an international software development house like Capgemini Sogeti with 50 years of experience on building digital solutions and an open source rising star like Umbraco is a golden opportunity to get the best of both worlds!


"Capgemini Sogeti is one of our new generation of Gold Partners, that saw great value in close relationship with Umbraco. Capgemini Sogeti is not just an agency - they are an international consultancy that focuses on full scale strategies. I'm proud to see Capgemini joining the family!" Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ

If you would like to know more about the benefits of being an Umbraco Gold Partner, have a look.

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