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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Welcome to the family: Pentia becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

Who we are

Hi there! We are Pentia - a well established independent digital consultancy full of creative thinkers, strategists and digital consultants. We help our customers achieve their business goals by providing a full circle of services: from counselling to digital implementation.

Our offices are based in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Malmo in Sweden. We have 90 employees, primarily digital experts such as digital architects, developers, strategists, designers, UXers. And our ambition is to reach 140 employees within the next couple of years.

We are focused on creating results for our customers – but we insist on having fun while we’re working hard to achieve it – with our customers, among ourselves. After all, fun is a serious business...

Happy Pentia people

We take fun seriously!

So yes. Once a year, during Carnival (or “Fastelavn” in Danish), we all dress up and go to work. It’s fun. The customers love it. Having a meeting with Captain America and a zombie is something else 😄

Our company was founded by five guys (hence the name Penta - an ancient Greek word for “five”) studying IT science at the University of Copenhagen back in 1998. Their motivation was to create a workspace they would enjoy working in themselves and to create software they believed that the world needed. That ambition led to the creation of Sitecore – which was separated into its own company early on.

Why we went with Umbraco...

Pentia has been a successful Sitecore implementation house for years but we decided to include even more areas of digital expertise seven years ago taking in other software solutions like Salesforce, Agillic and now - Umbraco.

Pentia bicycle

We have three Pentia bikes allowing us to go to meetings in a carbon neutral way.

While Umbraco is a rather new addition to Pentia, we have very high expectations as we can see that we can help a lot of our customers reach their business goals with the platform. We’re already working on several Umbraco solutions, the largest being for The Danish Courts.

The flexibility of the Umbraco platform is amazing and is something our customers are looking for in a platform. This allows our customers to make changes quickly and easily, which is needed in a world that is changing all the time.

Pentia Star Wars

May the coffee be with you.

In addition, the very attractive cost level of Umbraco is also a factor that is important to a wide range of customers. Finally, the more than 300 extensions to Umbraco is something that makes the Umbraco platform appealing for our customers and us.

We’re fortunate to have very experienced Umbraco experts working for us already and we are in the process of certifying a string of developers and architects in Umbraco as we speak.

… and became a Gold Partner right away

We’ve chosen to become an Umbraco Gold partner b­­­ecause the Umbraco platform is strategically important for our growth strategy.

Pentia CEO Jakob Stampe & CCO Christian Ruud

Our CEO Jakob Stampe & CCO Christian Ruud chilling at the Copenhagen harbor.

A golden partnership will give Pentia access to free support and Gold Partner Academy but we’ll also enter into a much closer relationship with Umbraco HQ in terms of sharing knowledge and leads. That kind of partnership is essential for delivering the best possible solutions and value to our customers.

We help many of our customers with digital transformation and in that process the Umbraco platform has the needed flexibility and possibilities to help our customers take on the future!

"What a great pleasure and recognition having Pentia joining the Umbraco Gold Partner Family. As one of the leading digital agencies in Denmark and mothership of Sitecore, Pentia has an impressive track record of successful projects. And now they need a light and slim alternative to offer their clients. I'm really proud that they have chosen Umbraco as that platform."

- Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ


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