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Case study

Chateau de Fontaine

An Umbraco Cloud case study by: WebVision

Chateau de Fontaine is a state-of-the-art stud farm breeding the best horses in the world. Luxury, quality and elegance echoes throughout the business and are of course characteristics that should be reflected on their website. Chateau de Fontaine wanted a solution that could give them an elegant, custom made, logical and reliable website. A solution produced and designed by WebVision using Umbraco Cloud:

Skills used

  • Design
  • Umbraco Cloud


  • Sport

Partner doing the case

What we were challenged to solve

Chateau de Fontaine were looking for someone who could help them showcase their state of the art facilities, equipment and horses online. They knew that the visual presence would be vital.

Through the visual presence on the website, Chateau de Fontaine wanted to clearly reflect the culture, quality, elegance, high-class and exclusiveness of the business.

Part of the quality of the site should also lie in the user experience. Thus, the website's structure and layout should be simple and logical and make it easy for the customers to find relevant information. The website also needed to be responsive in order to work well on tablets and smartphones.

Another request was that the maintenance of the websites should be hassle free and thus, a simple and logical backend structure was required in order for Chateau de Fontaine to make any necessary content updates.

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How we solved it

We did it like everybody should build world class websites - by using Umbraco. In this case the Chateau de Fontaine came with the design, beautiful Hi Res pictures and the HTML. As an Umbraco expert, we, WebVision, implemented all features and the design in Umbraco – pixel perfect, responsive and well structures. For us that’s what it is all about!

How it works

The site is built on Umbraco v.7.5.4. We’ve used Vorto plugin for language translation and we’ve created many custom data types. We have followed the standard pattern to develop this Umbraco site; we have created document types, templates, and pages. We have also created a separate code repository for custom controllers.

Most difficult task with Umbraco CMS is version upgrading. But by hosting the website on Umbraco Cloud, this problem was quickly solved due to Umbraco Cloud auto upgrade.

Also, Umbraco Cloud makes life much easier for us when working with multiple working environments like dev and live. Now we can work and test on the dev environment and then deploy our changes to live without any issues or worry.

Another great thing about using Umbraco Cloud is that it provides unlimited hosting which means that we had no problems when uploading Chateau de Fontaine’s beautiful re res pictures, keeping the visual presence at the high standard that the customer required. Umbraco Cloud is a platform that allows for a reliable website. A platform that also insures that the website is able to handle high peaks in visitors which Chateau de Fontaine experiences during special events and media coverage.

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What we gained from it

The site has already been showcased on various “horse communities” and there is no doubt that this site sets completely new standards in the world of horses.

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“We wanted to set a new standard and we did!” Bolette Wandt, Founder, Chateau de Fontaine

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