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Umbraco Cloud Empowers Cribbs Causeway's Digital Transformation

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Unlocking success with Umbraco Cloud: Cribbs Causeway's digital transformation 🚀

Cribbs Causeway is one of the UK’s leading ‘destination’ shopping and attraction sites – encompassing out-of-town retail, food and entertainment across its expansive remit.

Its ambition is to be the destination of choice: customers may arrive for a functional purpose but will stay for the unexpected, aspirational experience that Cribbs provides across The Mall, The Venue, The Retail Park, and/or Ice Rink. As with the wider bricks and mortar retail sector, Cribbs’ focus is on the delivery of a unique, memorable, and immersive experience.

Cribbs website

The challenge for Cribbs

One of the big problems for many bricks and mortar retail-led destinations is driving footfall and, in turn, sales. As online retail has grown in prominence, true helped Cribbs use digital to adapt their product, the way people access it, and perception of the brand to maintain their position in the market. In 2019, true were appointed as Cribbs' sole agency, responsible for marketing activity, providing a real return on investment to help strengthen their relationship with retailers.

Transformation with Umbraco Cloud

A key part of Cribb’s transformation was the re-platforming and build of the Cribbs website, and hosting on Umbraco Cloud.

Cribbs required a more streamlined CMS that could provide a great user experience across devices, that was performant as well as being secure, reliable, and scalable. Umbraco Could delivers all these benefits, which allowed for easy integration, for example, with retailers. Furthermore, its intuitive ‘easy to use’ nature meant that the Cribbs marketing team could easily publish and manage content through the system.

Cribbs website front page

In addition, Cribbs had been paying a significant license fee cost – which could have been avoided with Umbraco Cloud – and which ultimately meant that the re-platforming paid for itself.

Four years on, true’s role as Cribbs’ key strategic partner continues, defining briefs, executing an annual plan, and transforming individual digital properties (web, app, CRM) into a cohesive ecosystem that continually delivers demonstrable ROI.

Cribss website on mobile

Delivering strong figures 📈

LFL Sales
Total Sales
From July 2022 to May 2023 against previous year, July 2021 to May 2022.

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