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Case study

Transforming SIFU's online presence with Umbraco Cloud

Explore SIFU’s streamlined navigation and enhanced user experience 🚀

Embark on SIFU's transformative journey with Limetta as they revitalized the education giant's online presence using Umbraco Cloud. Explore how Umbraco Cloud's modern interface streamlined navigation, enhanced user experience, and facilitated seamless integration for an innovative leap in professional training accessibility and competitiveness.

Skills used

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Integrations
  • SEO
  • Umbraco Cloud


  • B2B
  • Education

Partner doing the case

SIFU’s digital makeover 

Limetta embarked on a project to revitalize SIFU's online presence, introducing a modern and user-friendly website on Umbraco Cloud. This initiative coincided with the company's name change, emphasizing a contemporary graphic profile. SIFU, a leading Swedish education provider since 1922, delivers diverse courses spanning 15 areas of expertise, from construction to healthcare.

Ny Grafisk Profil For Webb Och Print Limetta Digitalbyra
Modern Och Stromlinjeformad Webbplats Limetta Digitalbyra

The scope of the project

The project's dual scope involved updating the graphic profile and crafting a new website to showcase SIFU's extensive course offerings. Collaborative workshops and statistical analysis identified key priorities, guiding the development process. The technical aspect centered on seamlessly integrating Umbraco Cloud with EduAdmin, a learning platform, streamlining course information management.

Umbraco Cloud to the rescue 📈🚀

Umbraco Cloud emerged as the preferred CMS due to its modern interface and compatibility with EduAdmin integration.

The revamped graphic profile and website design now present functional and inspirational content, offering a structured and easily navigable platform for users. Tools for course searching, filtering, and browsing were implemented, simplifying the user experience.

Using Umbraco Cloud, online course booking is now streamlined and managed entirely by SIFU.

Molnlosningen Umbraco Cloud Som Cms Limetta Digitalbyra
Enklare Att Hitta Och Boka En Kurs Hos Sifu Limetta Digitalbyra

The EduAdmin integration not only centralized course data but also contributed to improved SEO on the website. SIFU's website is now a reflection of its commitment to providing accessible and competitive professional training.

The modernized design, coupled with efficient management through Umbraco Cloud, positions SIFU for continued success in the ever-evolving education landscape.

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