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A complete rebranding and redevelopment of digital systems

Embark on Vebego's bold journey as they, in collaboration with 4NG and the power of Umbraco, reshape their visual identity and digital landscape. Join us in exploring the crossroads of challenge and change, witnessing the seamless blend of innovation and digital prowess that propels Vebego's strategic ambitions to new heights 🚀📈

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About Vebego

Vebego is an international group of companies, originally founded as a family business and a leader in the world of cleaning, landscaping, facility management, and healthcare. With over 40,000  employees in four countries, they strive to create social value through meaningful work. Meaningful work and positive societal contributions serve as the rock-solid foundation for their clients. Thanks to this conviction and commitment, Vebego's goal is to grow into one of the largest and most inclusive employers in Europe across more than 40 Vebego companies. 

The next step in realizing Vebego's strategic ambition involved a transformation in their approach and corporate identity. Their ambitious project, focused on growth, positioning, and impact under a  single brand, was a powerful move towards achieving their strategy and vision. This path to unification entailed not only a new visual identity and corporate culture but also a complete restructuring of their technical infrastructure. In the realm of online communication, Vebego has a  longstanding and valuable partnership with 4NG. By utilizing Umbraco and its capabilities, 4NG  developed an entirely new platform with new structures, functionalities, and refreshed designs. 

Vebego Challenge

The crossroads of challenge and change 

The rebranding and developing of Vebego's strategic ambition to have its subsidiary companies operate under a single name was a complex challenge. It impacted every aspect of the organization, from revamping their visual identity and corporate culture to renewing their online presence and web environments.

To extend the online ambitions, the development and realization of upgraded web environments and systems were necessary. This also involved an upgrade in the utilized Umbraco platforms and functionalities. Without optimal development and implementation of these systems, Vebego risked a deficient integration of its various subsidiary companies under the brand. 

Strategic transformation through digital innovation 

In collaboration with Vebego, 4NG developed a completely new platform, including a new structure,  a new Umbraco system, new functionalities, and designs. The new platform takes accessibility requirements into account, provides centralization, and scalability, and offers a technically advanced solution with a fresh look. In total, over 40 websites, 1000 articles, and 5000 webpages were migrated and redirected to a fully unified Umbraco platform under the Vebego name.

Umbraco CMS  services were used to shape the online positioning, overcoming the challenges of determining the necessary functionalities and implementing the new visual identity. One brand identity, design, and associated front-end elements spread across various Umbraco systems with the same user-friendliness. With Umbraco services, the platform is more structured and optimized for use within the various subsidiary companies and employees of Vebego

Vebego Websites

From a technical standpoint, the new environments provided a platform with optimized speed,  accessibility, security, and performance. This intensified the capabilities and functionalities of the platform for Vebego, while also optimizing it to a high technical standard. Within the platform,  various API integrations are used to facilitate collaboration with existing programs within Vebego.  The design is dynamic and adaptable, with various possibilities for all Vebego companies. The entire platform is maintained and optimized on a daily basis by 4NG and Vebego to provide the best user experience in terms of usability, technical performance, and marketing. 

Result-oriented success 

The results of this ambitious endeavor are impressive: Vebego now has a strengthened online presence, with restructured websites, improved content, and enhanced analytics environments. The more efficient platform configuration led to cost savings in further development.

The new website offers better visibility, clearer communication about Vebego's services, improved technology, and, most importantly, uniformity. These improvements contribute to Vebego's long-term objectives and strengthen their position in the market.

With this repositioning and rebranding, Vebego is now better equipped than ever to continue their market leadership and drive their future growth.

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