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Case study


Taking e-commerce on Umbraco for a ride


Zodiac, a Dutch supplier of Harley Davidson replacement parts and accessories, decided to move to their new B2B platform. Zodiac started out with a focus on paper catalogs but moved to a highly customizable e-commerce solution 20 years ago, but now the time had come to make the move, and 4NG was tasked with making it happen. Let’s hear from 4NG how they used Umbraco to create the perfect eCommerce platform for Zodiac 🎙️

Skills used

  • eCommerce
  • Architecture
  • ERP
  • PIM Systems
  • Integrations


  • Professional services
  • B2B

Partner doing the case

Zodiac is a Dutch business with over 50 years of experience with providing Harley Davidson replacement parts and accessories throughout Europe with their B2B dealer network. Zodiac also builds unique custom machines using products from their own catalog, allowing them to truly keep an eye on the trends in the bike-building world.

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How we transformed Zodiacs online platform

With a paper catalog as a foundation for their product data and a highly customized solution to migrate from, we had to transform both product data as well as the solution but still maintain many of the optimized processes that were available within the organization. This resulted in an elaborate process of Agile development with our client where 20 years of learning had to be included.

We started out by structuring the data so that it is available in the old catalog structure but could also provide for new and standardized e-commerce solutions as well. This resulted in a single source of truth and Product Information Management (PIM) within Umbraco itself. Having the right data in the right format available throughout the solution provided a strong basis to build on. With an integration to the ERP, we made sure that any product change and order would have a seamless journey throughout the Zodiac organization.

Next, we needed to solve the problem of having many images in different formats optimized for both on- and offline. Here, we extended the standard Umbraco media section towards a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that could provide for some specific needs and would integrate some of the optimized processes that were used in the organization.


Zodiac DAM


The final problem we had to solve was, that we had to provide the dealers with an easy solution to customize their own stores and handle their orders. To achieve this, we extended the Umbraco backend to provide an easy and friendly editor experience.


Zodiac dealers lounge


The result: A fully customized backoffice

Due to Umbraco’s high extendibility and the possibility to easily use existing components, we were able to create a seamless experience for the client as well as their editors and end-users. We ended up with a fully customized backoffice that consists of Umbraco sections that are targeted at specific parts of the client’s business, like, for example, Media, Commerce, and the dealers. We also arrived at a solution that allows Zodiac to reuse its media for both web and physical formats.

The solution consists of a catalog tree, with multiple levels of categories, that can be searched and filtered based on language and specific selections of products and categories. These selections can also be managed within this commerce section and can be used to export XML's and blueprints used for the creation of the physical catalog. In addition to the DAM and Commerce sections, we have added a section that is focused on the dealer: the Dealer Lounge. Here, Zodiac's dealers can gain insights into their B2C and B2B orders, dealer discounts, and freight costs and order parts directly from Zodiac.

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